8 Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises STB-98501 Dips

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There are a wide variety of bodyweight exercises you can do to get fit, including pull ups, chin ups, dips, push ups and hundreds more.  The beauty is in the raw simplicity. While power towers and gym equipment can help, they aren’t required. However you get them done, if you start mixing the best bodyweight exercises into your regular workout routine you can transform your fitness in ways you never imagined, with less stain and risk to your body. Here are eight reasons why you should start bodyweight tworkout raining today:

  1. Improve your balance

Since bodyweight exercises don’t require any weights resistance is created by your own body. This results in having a greater control and awareness over your body, making the act of balancing much easier. This is another reason why bodyweight training can be beneficial for athletes.

  1. Burn fat quicker

Unlike many other exercises, bodyweight workouts can have a huge impact on your body’s metabolism in just a few minutes of training. The ability to make quick transitions between exercises makes adding things like burpees and push-ups to your workout routine a great way to burn fat quickly.

  1. Strengthen your core

The human core is composed of 29 different muscles and a combination of a few bodyweight exercises can work all of them. A strong core helps to maintain proper posture, improves athletic performance and, of course, gives you a rockin’ set of abs!

  1. Increase your flexibility

Bodyweight workouts, when done properly with a full range of motion, can improve joint mobility and increase flexibility. Ever wonder why people who do yoga are so flexible? Many yoga moves and poses could be placed under the category of bodyweight exercises and these moves promote a healthy posture while also reducing risks of injury.

  1. Prevent injuries

Bodyweight exercises are inherently safe as they always require minimal if any additional equipment at all. Not only is this training technique safe for fitness trainers of all experience levels but it can also be an effective rehabilitation method in some cases as well.

  1. Save time

Since most bodyweight exercises are extremely efficient when it comes to getting results, a combination of these workouts requires significantly less time than any strength training or cardio session. You can forget about common obstacles that get in the way when you are trying to train like dealing with the gym or adjusting your home gym equipment. There are virtually no excuses to not work a little bodyweight training into your life.

  1. Train anywhere

Fun fact about bodyweight exercises: you don’t need anything except for your own body. This means that you can do bodyweight training virtually anywhere, making it a great option for those who like to work out outdoors or while traveling. Although no equipment is required for bodyweight exercises, there are some fitness products that will improve some workouts such as power towers, which allow you to do pull-up variations, and fitness flooring, which make offer a more comfortable workout experience.

  1. Get the benefits of both strength training and cardio

That’s right; any proper bodyweight training session will offer the benefits of both strength training and cardio workouts. This is due to the quick transitions between workouts, which get your heart pumping like cardio sessions do, in between resistance exercises that build and tone muscles.

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