Travel Workout Routines & Fitness Tips

Travel workout routines fitness tips

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Besides stuffing yourself with deliciously unhealthy foods the holiday season is also filled with travel; and unfortunately your entire home gym isn’t going to fit into a suitcase. Lucky for you there are bodyweight exercises, upper body workouts, and other ways to stay in shape while you’re on the go. Here are some pro Travel Workout Routines & Fitness Tips to help you stay healthy on the go.

The power of bodyweight exercises

In our previous post “8 Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises” we discussed the powerful fitness benefits of bodyweight workouts, which rely on your own bodyweight rather than additional equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells. Aside from numerous health benefits and the ability to get in shape as efficiently as possible, most bodyweight exercises can actually be performed almost anywhere. Below are three popular bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere where there is a surface big enough for your body to sprawl out on:

Pushups: The pushup is a classic bodyweight exercise that is great for developing your chest and triceps. To perform it, simply get into plank position with your arms straight out and hands slightly wider than hip-width apart, lower your chest until it is about an inch away from the ground, return to starting position and repeat. To bulk up your triceps even more, try the close-grip pushup, which involves the same movement as a regular pushup but with your hands in a side-by-side position.

Planks: The plank is a very powerful move that requires nothing but a floor and a desire to get fit. Planking improves shoulder stability as well as your core and back muscles, resulting in a flat stomach and impressive six pack when performed regularly. To perform a plank, simply get into the push-up position but rest your forearms on the ground rather than your hands. Hold this position several times in up to two minute increments for an invigorating core workout. For a more advanced variation of this workout, try the star plank, in which your body is spread out in a star shape as you plank to fully engage the core.

Glute Bridge: The Glute Bridge is a surprisingly powerful bodyweight exercise that promotes a strong foundation as well as a healthy back.  To perform the glute bridge simply lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat. Proceed to raise your hips upward until the section of your body between your knees and shoulders is completely straight, pause, return to starting position and repeat.

No equipment? No problem!

There are plenty of bodyweight exercises that do not require any additional equipment at all and for most of those that require a bench you can usually get away with using a chair instead. Here are a few popular workouts that can be done on almost any chair:

Incline Pushups: We recommend trying this variation if you are tired of traditional pushups and want to work your core, chest, back and arms even more. Simply perform the standard pushup motion with the palms of your hand placed on the seat of a chair while your feet remain on the ground.

Leg Raise: Engage your glutes and lower back with this simple yet effective exercise. Here’s how you do it: place both hands on the back of a chair with the rest of your body a few feet behind it, lift one leg while shifting your weight to the other heel, pause at full extension, return to original position and repeat. Be sure to perform this movement for each leg.

Seated Jumping Jacks: This is a great exercise for working a little cardio into your routine without having to go outside for a run. Sit on the edge of the chair and open and close your legs in a jumping jack motion as quickly as you can. Repeat this movement and you’ll be feeling the burn in no time.

Chair Running: This is another fat-burning cardio alternative that you can do on almost any chair. Simply sit straight with your legs extended, bending each knee into the shoulder one at a time while swinging your arms to gain momentum. Try doing this for 30 reps at a time at first.

Glute Bridge: Putting a chair below your feet while performing the Glute Bridge mentioned above will allow you to engage your glutes and back even more than you would with the original exercise. Simply prop your feet up onto the seat of a chair and perform the aforementioned Glute Bridge movement.

Portable equipment for working out on the go

There are plenty of compact fitness accessories on the market today that make it easier than ever before to get fit while traveling. You can even find many of these in the store. For example, our Neoprene Dumbbell Set and 50lb Kettlebell Set allow you to perform free weight strength training routines almost anywhere while our Mini Stepper with Bands offers a portable and effective cardio workout. For an even more customizable traveling workout routine, try our Bionic Body resistance training products by Kim Lyons.

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