8 Tips for Sticking to Your Fitness Plan

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It doesn’t matter if you are a new trainer working on your New Year’s resolution or an experienced guru with an established workout routine; sticking to your fitness plan isn’t always going to be easy. To help you through your journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle, we have  compiled a list of 8 Tips for Sticking to Your Fitness Plan:

  1. Do it for yourself

To make this work you have to truly believe your fitness plan will be better for your well-being; without that it will be harder to committing to your workout routine. Focus on yourself when exercising and only reach for goals that are realistic to your particular fitness level and abilities. For example, if you are just starting out with cardio, try to challenge yourself by committing to doing a race or competition in the future. Don’t force yourself into running a full marathon mere weeks after you begin training; start with small races and events that are both challenging and realistic for you personally.

  1. Take it easy

If you are new to training, try not to overwhelm yourself with your first batch of workouts. You will get to where you want to be physically eventually, but don’t think you need to train like a professional body builder right away to achieve those goals. This approach will likely cause both injuries and discouragement. Instead, take baby steps each time you train. If you go for your first run and can only make it a half mile, try to shoot for three quarters of a mile the next time. Success is always gradual.

  1. Hang in there

Nobody has a perfect first workout and nobody achieves their goals in just a few exercises. Every workout takes practice and each one will become easier and easier with practice.

  1. Vary your workouts

Try not to reinvent the same routine you do every time. Dedicate different days of the week to different types of exercises, whether it be strength training, cardio or yoga. Try to hit all major muscle groups at some point throughout the week and alternate between machines and free weights when strength training. Workout varieties will help to keep things interesting as you continue to work on your fitness plan.

  1. Make a calendar

Planning ahead always helps when it comes to committing to fitness goals. Schedule your workouts for each week to stay both dedicated and organized. You can also use your calendar or schedule to mark down any fitness goals that you may be working toward. It is always best to keep your workout times as consistent as possible to force your mind into believing that you should be working out at a particular time each day. Calendar and scheduling apps also make it easy to set up things like alerts to let you know when your workout time is approaching.

  1. Find a workout buddy

Having a workout partner that shares similar fitness goals is a great way to make sure that you both stick to your routines. Having a partner gives you someone to check up on your progress as you train and can get rid of the monotony of exercising. Friendly competition is always a great way to keep you motivated throughout your workout sessions as well.

  1. Eat well

Diet and exercise go hand in hand so you are not going to make it very far with your fitness plan if you’re eating cheeseburgers on a daily basis. Try to find new recipes that may inspire you to both eat healthy and make a habit of cooking for yourself. Cooking not only allows you to have control over what you eat but it also keeps you active.

  1. Have your own dedicated fitness area

These days there is no need to shell out the cash for a gym membership. Besides, your commute to the gym is just a waste of valuable training time anyway. Brands like SteelBody, Marcy and Bionic Body allow you to get fit in the comfort of your own home with affordably priced, top quality home gym equipment that will fit perfectly in your garage, spare room or other dedicated workout space. Shop marcypro.com for anything from strength training all-in-one home gyms to portable cardio equipment to fitness accessories.

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