Home Gym Cardio Tips: The Power of the Mini Stepper

Mini stepper cardio workout MS 95 Both Models

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The mini stepper is one of the most underrated home gym cardio workout equipment pieces. In one portable and customizable design, the mini stepper allows trainers to feel the effects of a variety of cardio exercises in the comfort of your home gym. Below is a list of benefits and an overview of two mini steppers that will allow you to get an invigorating cardio workout:



Tone legs: Steppers simulate the movements of climbing at an incline, allowing you to target your hamstrings, glutes and calves. This builds both strength and endurance in both your legs over time.

Great for all fitness levels: From beginners to expert trainers, the mini stepper offers a variety of benefits for everyone. Adjustable resistance levels and customizability allow experts to challenge themselves while beginners are still able to work at a slow and easy pace to build up strength and endurance.

Customizability: Most mini steppers are highly customizable in that they can be placed in a variety of different locations and resistance levels can be adjusted to suite each trainer’s needs. Mini steppers without handles also allow you to utilize free weights as you train so you can work both your upper and lower body muscles at the same time.

Portability: Mini steppers are significantly lighter and more compact than any other cardio workout machine on the market. This makes them perfect for both home use and travel so you can be sure to not miss a workout no matter where you are.

Improved cardiovascular health: As mentioned before, the mini stepper offers the ability to great a fantastic cardio workout virtually anywhere. Aerobic workouts, like the ones performed on mini steppers, improve cardiovascular health as it ensures that your heart and lungs are working properly.

A variety of health benefits: The cardiovascular exercise you can get on mini steppers will boost your immune system, keep your blood glucose levels in check, burn calories and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Choosing the right mini-stepper for you

Below are two affordable, portable and, most importantly, effective mini steppers on the home gym market that will allow you to enjoy all of the fitness benefits listed above and then some:


Hers MS-95 Mini Stepper: Get an exhilarating cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own home gym with the Hers MS-95 Mini Stepper. This ergonomically designed stepper boasts a durable frame construction, hydraulic resistance shocks and stability handles. Wide, non-slip pedals keep you in place during your workout with the Hers Mini Stepper, making it a safe and effective piece of exercise equipment for home use. The easy-to-read electronic display features a counter, timer, calories burned and a scan mode so you can track your workouts. You can purchase the Hers MS-95 Mini Stepper directly from marcypro.com today.


Marcy MS-69 Mini Stepper with Bands: The Marcy Mini Stepper with Bands allows you to tone not only your lower body but your upper body as well. With an easy to assemble design, the Marcy MS-69 allows for an efficient home gym leg work out while the included easy-grip adjustable resistance bands bring your upper body into the mix as well. Extra-wide non-slip foot pedals along with a durable steel frame construction make for a highly stable piece of exercise equipment for home use. Let the hydraulic resistance shocks sculpt your hips, thighs, calves and glutes and use the handy electronic display to view the scan mode, strides per minute, counter, timer and calories burned. Go here to order the Marcy MS-69 Mini Stepper with Bands from directly Marcy Pro and start working toward the body you’ve always dreamed of having today. Visit marcypro.com today to browse and order more home gym equipment and accessories.

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