10 (More) Workout Motivation Quotes for Better Fitness: Part 2

If it Doesnt challenge you it wont change you large

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We get it; trying to stay in shape can be tough and sometimes it can feel like a lost cause. Whether you are thinking about skipping a training session or are having trouble pushing through to the end, sometimes you just need that extra motivational boost. Here are 10 (more) workout motivation quotes to keep you on track with achieving your fitness goals:


  1. If you want to see the best results from your workout routines you are going to have to start thinking of diet and exercise as essential components of your daily life. Remember; each day you stick to your routine counts.

    Eat Sleep Train Repeat

  2. ometimes you will surprise yourself by running a farther distance or lifting more weight than you ever thought you could. That’s the beauty of fitness!

    You Will Never Know Your Limits Until You Push Yourself To Them

  3. Don’t be discouraged by a brutal workout. Ever hear the phrase “no pain, no gain?” Well, it’s true.

    Finish your workout dont let it finish you

  4. You already know that you will feel great after a workout so why not get it over with in the morning? This way you will be more relaxed throughout the rest of the day and you won’t have to stress about squeezing a training session in later on.


Wake up and work out

  1. The only way you are going to make any progress physically is if you challenge yourself with each and every workout you do.

    If it Doesnt challenge you it wont change you small

  2. Staying fit is a daily struggle that might not always seem easy. However, the harder you work today, the more satisfied you will be tomorrow.

    Make today count

  3. If you’re having a tough time getting through your workout, just remember that it will all be over soon and you’ll feel great.

    Hang in there you are doing great

  4. When you are thinking about skipping a workout, just remember how much harder your next one is going to be. Progress requires consistency.

    If you are tired of starting over stop giving up

  5. There are numerous health benefits to working out, one of the big ones being the ability to get a better nights’ sleep overall. The harder you train, the better rest and relaxation is going to feel afterwards.

    Work like a dog sleep like a cat

  6. The only way to truly fail is to give up entirely. If you keep pushing, eventually you are going to achieve whatever it is you have been working towards.

    You can not fail if you do not quit

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