7 Reasons Why the Elliptical Machine is One of the Best Cardio Workouts

Elliptical Machine Best Cardio Workout

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When it comes to the best cardio workout equipment, the elliptical machine is a fantastic alternative to treadmills, exercise bikes and rowers. New space saving ellipticals make it a great home gym product too. So here are 7 Reasons Why the Elliptical Machine is one of the Best Cardio Workouts:

  1. Great for all fitness levels

Elliptical machines offer an excellent cardio workout opportunity to trainers of all experience levels. Not only is the elliptical movement an easy motion to adapt to, but the way the average elliptical trainer is designed offers an increased sense of security as you exercise. This is especially great for new trainers who are inexperienced with cardiovascular exercise equipment.

  1. A full body workout

Unlike many exercise bikes and treadmills, the elliptical machine allows you to train not just your legs but your upper body as well. Use the handles to pump your arms as you work out to engage many of your major upper body muscles. For even more upper body involvement, try performing dumbbell shoulder presses as you go. If you are using the elliptical trainer to its full potential, you will work your legs, chest shoulders, back and arms all at the same time.

  1. You can multitask

Sure, many cardio machines like treadmills and recumbent bikes allow you to multitask as you train, but the elliptical machine makes this especially easy. Throw on a nearby TV to catch up on your favorite shows as you train, read a book, work on your tablet or have a conversation with someone; these user-friendly designed machines offer plenty of room to perform other tasks while you get fit.

  1. There is plenty of variety

The elliptical movement may seem straightforward and even monotonous at times but most machines actually allow for a number of fun and effective variations. For example, many machines will allow you to customize things such as resistance levels and incline so that you can get the most out of your cardio workout. You may also perform the elliptical movement backwards to really tone and strengthen both your calves and hamstrings.

  1. Low impact

Elliptical trainers are particularly great for people who suffer from bone and joint conditions as they offer an extremely low impact workout. This means that training on an elliptical machine is much easier on your joints, bones and muscles than basic running, cycling or rowing. Even if you do not suffer from joint, knee or lower back issues, the elliptical will ensure that you get a safe yet efficient workout.

  1. A great aerobic workout

Aerobic workouts, such as the ones you can perform on an elliptical, boost your endurance over time, making it easier to train for longer periods of time without losing your breath. These types of workouts also increase your heart rate, causing you to burn calories and work up a healthy sweat. Since the elliptical machine actually engages your entire body, these effects will be greater than they would be on an exercise bike or treadmill.

  1. You can train at home!

With high quality and affordable home gym equipment from brands like Marcy, SteelBody and Bionic Body it is now easier than ever to get a professional workout in the comfort of your own home. We recommend taking a look at the Marcy NS-40501E Elliptical Trainer, this space saving elliptical is one of the best home gym elliptical machines in terms of affordability and effectiveness.

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