Best Core Exercises: 7 Tips to Maximize Your Roman Chair Results

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In our previous post, 5 Reasons to Start Doing Roman Chair Hyperextension Exercises Today, we discussed five of the wonderful benefits of the Roman Chair hyperextension and how it is one of the best core exercises. When performed correctly, this powerful bodyweight movement can improve your posture, build abs, minimize back pain and strengthen your entire body. Want more? Here are 7 Tips to Maximize Your Roman Chair Hyperextension Results:


  1. Keep your core tight: Locking your core as you train will allow you to perform these variations more easily and effectively. This will also allow you to feel the invigorating core-strengthening benefits of the workout, which will ultimately make other physical activities easier in the future.
  2. Move slowly: Maintaining a slow and steady pace will ensure that you remain in control so you don’t have to worry about injuries that will hinder your routine. A slow movement will also ensure proper form so you get the most out of your bodyweight training session.
  3. Take a break if you need to: This tip is especially important for beginners as the Hyperextension movement can cause lightheadedness due to your head going below body level. Don’t worry; your body will get used to it in no time. Just remember to work through the movement slowly and you should be fine.
  4. Flatten your back: Rounding out or arching your back too much during hyperextensions is a common mistake that can result in back injuries so play it safe and keep your back straight.
  5. Combine with deadlifts: Performing hyperextension exercises after a full body movement such as the deadlift will ensure your lower back gets the most out of your training session. Check out our previous post, Strength Training Tips: 8 Reasons You Should Deadlift, to read more about the wonderful benefits of deadlifting.
  6. Focus on your back: Keeping all of your attention on your back throughout the entire movement will ensure that you are keeping your back flat and core tight. This will allow you to experience all of the benefits of hyperextensions mentioned in our previous post.
  7. Add some extra weight: Once you have mastered a Hyperextension variation, you may go ahead and add some additional weight to increase the resistance. This will offer better results in a shorter amount of time. Try placing a weight plate against your chest as you perform the movement; just make sure it is a weight that you are comfortable with.

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