Strength Training Tips: 3 Benefits of Home Gym Cable Exercises

Strength training benefits home gym cable exercises MD-9010G Flys

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Cable exercises may seem intimidating at first. And, although they are often seen being performed on big machines by bodybuilders and advanced trainers, these strength training workouts actually offer advantages to fitness trainers of all experience levels; especially in the comfort of your own home gym. Here are three benefits of cable exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body, which if you have the right equipment, can be done in your home gym.

  1. Versatility

Cable systems consist of a weight stack that is connected to a series of pulleys and cables that are used to lift and lower the weights. These strength training machines allow trainers to customize the weight they would like to train with by moving a pin within the weight stack. Due to the versatility of the cables and the ability to choose which weight works best for you, cable exercises are great for both beginners and advanced strength trainers. The cable system also makes it easy to quickly alternate exercises so that you don’t lose precious training time. Depending on the machine you are using, a cable system can also work every single muscle group in your body. In fact, practically any move that can be performed with free weights can be performed on a cable system.

  1. Continuous tension

One huge advantage cable exercises have over free weight exercises is the continuous tension cable systems provide. When you train with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells or other weights, you often lose muscle tension during the downswing of the movement, but with cable exercises the resistance is uniform throughout the entire motion. Since muscle growth and strength increases depending on how much tension is placed on muscles during exercises, you will actually experience better results from cable machine workouts than you would with free weight exercises.

  1. Proper lifting technique

Unlike free weights, cable machines offer a dynamic line of resistance. This means that there is a lot more freedom when it comes to form and experimentation with your strength training workouts, as long as you are training safely. For example, if you wanted to perform a curl with your cable, you could do so standing up or even lying on the ground. This is perfect for experienced strength trainers and body builders who are trying to perfect their form and work muscles from all angles. A dynamic line of resistance is also beneficial for those with a variety of injuries that prevent them from keeping proper form during certain free weight exercises.

Home Gym Cable Exercise Machines

There are two high quality strength training machines available at that allow for cable crossover exercises so you can experience the benefits mentioned above without having to go to a gym. The Marcy MWM-988 Total Home Gym System & 150lb Weight Stack Machine offers both high and low pulley systems for an array of powerful strength training moves that you can’t perform on a standard weight bench with free weights. For even more upper body cable workout opportunities, the Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine offers an upper pulley system that allows for commercial gym-quality cable crossover exercises.


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