Home Gym Cardio Tips: 5 Benefits of a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Bike Exercise Health Benefits

Last Updated on October 6, 2017 by MarcyPro

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride on your very own recumbent bike. You may have noticed that these unique exercise bikes are becoming more and more popular in gyms and home gyms, but did you know about all of the health and fitness advantages they have to offer?  Here are 5 Benefits of a Recumbent Exercise Bike for better cardio training:

  1. Great cardiovascular exercise

Recumbent bikes offer a great way to exercise your cardiovascular system while also burning fat and building muscle. Cardiovascular exercise helps to strengthen both your heart and lungs and thus improve your body’s ability to use oxygen, making it easier to breath. Working a cardio routine into your normal fitness regimen can also decrease both your heart rate and blood pressure. Many forms of cardio, such as recumbent cycling, also force you to use large muscle groups such as your quadriceps and hamstrings, allowing your body to burn fat and build strength.

  1. Easy on your back and joints

Due to the relaxed seating position, recumbent bikes place less stress on your back and other joints compared to upright bikes. Rather than being hunched over handlebars like you are on an upright cycle, the recumbent bike allows you to sit back in a bucket seat with your legs in front of you. This position encourages better spinal posture while also keeping your ankles and knees protected from injury.

  1. Comfortable

Recumbent exercise bikes offer a larger seat than upright bikes, which often feature smaller seats that are uncomfortable for many riders. Because you are seated in a relaxed position with your feet in front of you on a recumbent bike, less stress is placed upon your knees, hips and lower back, which makes for a much more comfortable ride. This added comfort will allow you to train longer and harder to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Safe

The seat on the recumbent bike is much lower to the ground than the seat on an upright bike, making for a much safer ride. In this position, you are unable to stand up on the pedals and potentially injure yourself. Recumbent bikes also offer a back pad to promote good posture and a low impact ride that goes easy on your knees, hips, lower back and other joints.

  1. Accommodates all fitness levels

One key feature of recumbent bikes is that they can be of use to trainers of all fitness levels. More experienced trainers can adjust the resistance and other settings to accommodate their own needs, while new trainers can do the same and build up strength in a comfortable machine before moving to other cardio machines. The low-impact nature of recumbent bikes also makes them fantastic for users with injuries or other medical issues that would prevent them from being able to safely perform other cardio workouts. If you are new to recumbent bikes, check out our previous post “Recumbent Exercise Bike Training Tips for Beginners

Experience These Benefits in Your Own Home Gym

Another fantastic advantage to riding a recumbent exercise bike is you can train from your own home gym. Check out the marcypro.com for affordable and effective home gym cardio machines so that you can experience these benefits from your home gym. We are currently offering two high quality stationary recumbent bikes that are a great addition to any home gym: The Marcy NS-40502R Recumbent Bike and the Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Bike.

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