8 Exercise Bike Tips for the Best HIIT Cardio Workout

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When it comes to weight loss and building endurance, you can’t beat exercise bike High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What is a HIIT workout? This type of cardio workout involves alternating between short periods of high intensity and low intensity exercise (some refer to this as a recovery period,) during your workout routine rather than training at a consistent pace the entire time.

We covered some of the incredible benefits of HIIT in a previous blog post and now it’s time to find out how to experience those benefits for yourself. Here are 8 Exercise Bike Tips for the Best HIIT Cardio Workout so you can get the most out of your home gym cardio training sessions:

  1. Warm up

Warming up before any workout is always a good idea if you want to prevent injuries and other issues that may interrupt your training session. It is recommended that you do at least three to five minutes pedaling at a casual pace with the resistance set to low or medium on your stationary bike. This will ensure that your muscles are properly warmed up for your first high intensity interval.

  1. Get intense

There’s a reason it’s called High Intensity Interval Training. During the high-intensity portions of your exercise bike training session, be sure to work as hard as you possibly can. This will allow you to experience the most benefits from your cardio session and you will always be able to catch your breath during rest periods, which brings us to our next tip…

  1. Rest

It might feel strange quickly adjusting between high intensity and low intensity exercise but failing to take advantage of your rest periods can hinder results. Even if your rest period is just 30 seconds long you should use it to get your heart rate back down to normal so you can hit the next round with as much intensity as possible.

  1. Start slow

It is recommended that beginners start HIIT sessions with a resting period that is twice as much as the high intensity period. A good increment to begin with is one minute at an intense pace followed by two minutes of rest afterwards. As your body begins to adapt to HIIT exercise bike workouts you should be working your way towards a 50/50 split between high intensity and low intensity training.

  1. Be consistent

Like many workouts, consistency plays a big role in achieving your desired results. You don’t want to perform cardio HIIT bike workouts single day but two to three days a week is ideal for developing the proper muscles and stamina to improve your fitness. Using a timer throughout your workout can ensure consistency in each cardio training session as well so we recommend using one of our Marcy exercise bikes that offer display screens so you can easily perfect your intensity ratios.

  1. Focus on your form first

If you are new to HIIT training or even exercise bikes in general, it is crucial that you perfect your form before training too hard. It is more important to ensure that you are pedaling safely and positioned properly than it is to be a speed demon on your stationary bike. Perfecting your form early on will ensure safe ride free of injuries or other issues that may negatively impact your cardio session.

  1. Hydrate before you train

HIIT training dehydrates you quicker than many other workouts so it is important to drink plenty of liquids; however, chugging water during each session can cause cramps and other issues so you should go into each session well-hydrated. It is recommended that you drink up to ten ounces of an electrolyte-rich sports drink before your workout and then sip water during rest periods.

  1. Challenge yourself

As your body becomes used to HIIT training on your exercise bike you are going to want to increase the challenge and resistance. The great thing about Marcy exercise bikes is that most of them allow you to adjust the resistance to fit your own fitness needs. When you begin to feel comfortable at one resistance level, try kicking it up a notch the next time to maximize results.

HIIT workouts promote fat loss and the increase of vo2 Max levels. As always, start with a moderate intensity that suits your needs (despite the name High Intensity Interval Training.) Moving from the standard 30 minute cardio workout to the short intense work periods will be harder than you think. Even though you’re primarily working out your legs, you will eventually see a full body weight loss over time.

Some would argue that rowing (in general) provides a more intense organic full body workout. Because rowing machines also have dynamic resistance, they are also perfect for HIIT cardio workouts. Find out more about how a 20 minute HIIT rowing workout can do wonders for you from this blog.

Looking for the perfect stationary exercise bike for HIIT? We recommend the Marcy NSP-122 Indoor HIIT Training Bike. Because Indoor cycles provide dynamic resistance (the harder you pedal, the harder pedaling becomes,) they are the perfect HIIT bike.

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