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Choose from the recumbent, upright, and club revolution Exercise Cycles.

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Cycling is a powerfully dynamic exercise that can take a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast to the next respective level. It effectively burns calories and enhances your cardiovascular system at the same time. Strength building with the Smith Cage Machine will burn calories, however, not at the rate in which cycling will offer. Cardiovascular health will give you the energy you need to begin to tackle those next fitness goals; all achieved from the comfort of your own home.

There are three (3) basic models of stationary bikes currently on the market — recumbent, upright, and club style revolution bike. Each designed to train the cardiovascular system and burn calories, while focusing on the different needs of the individual. In this week’s review, we will be discussing each of these models to discern which is best for you.

Recumbent Bicycle


The recumbent model allows you to sit in a comfortable, yet, proper position. The purpose of this design is to distribute your weight over a larger area equally, alleviating stress on the knees and back. You are burning calories without the increased downward gravitational pull. The lower half of the body is supported with adjustable seating and padded high-density foam for optimal comfort. The design of a recumbent model gives the cyclist the advantage of leveling the plane; removing pressure from the upper back by bringing the legs in alignment towards the center of the body.


When it comes to resistance, the recumbent model boasts eight preset manual resistance levels that allow you to target your workout zone. It delivers a smooth and quiet performance a regular outdoor bike cannot offer.


Who needs the recumbent bike?


While the recumbent model’s design is based on comfort and ease of use, experts agree that you can burn the same amount of calories as you would on an upright model. The recumbent is a great choice for beginners, people with back or knee problems, and for those who may need extra support while exercising. You can also easily read a book or magazine while you strengthen your cardiovascular health and achieve fitness goals, benefitting from the ergonomic design.


Upright Bicycle


The upright model is a common bike found in most gyms. Exchanging some comfort for value/cost, it is less expensive than the recumbent and is more compact. When space is limited, the upright bicycle is a great alternative to the recumbent bike. The former has almost the same functions with the latter, making it a sure hit with all levels of users. Storing the upright is simple and efficient as well. Easily wheeled into a closet or corner, the upright model’s design ensures quick setup and the added benefit of maximizing space.


The upright bike has a smooth and extremely quiet magnetic resistance, making it perfect for home and office use. Eight preset manual resistance levels allow for customized workouts to fit users of various strength levels.


Who needs the upright bike?


This type of exercise bike is an ideal choice for people who have experience riding an actual bike or are into cycling. It has fewer restrictions when it comes to positions and is a major space saver. It is an excellent equipment to get a cardio workout for less. If versatility and convenience are on the top of your list, get the upright bike.


Club style Revolution Bike


High-intensity training is what the club style revolution exercise bikes offer. It is for the more experienced cyclist. Most models feature seats that resemble those of road bikes and also have bottle holders for easy hydration while working out. The revolution bikes are heavy-duty and are durable to withstand rigorous training.


The club style revolution bike has an easy-to-use resistance knob so you can take control of the difficulty level on the fly. Challenge yourself as you set your workout intensity to higher levels.


Who needs the club style revolution bike?


Fit for intense training, the club style revolution bike is perfect for trained cyclist or for those interested in increasing their cycling intensity. Take this for a ride to challenge yourself and reach new levels of cardiovascular health. If you are serious about cycling and determined to burn those calories, the club style revolution bike is the one for you.  


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