Getting the Most Out of Your Upright Bench Workout

getting the most out of your upright bench workout

Last Updated on November 22, 2017 by MarcyPro

If you’re planning to build your upper body strength, the bench press is a must-have piece of equipment for your home gym. One of the benches you may want to consider acquiring is the upright bench. While similar to the standard ones, the upright bench also works on your upper body, but you can specifically target your chest muscles.


To get the most out of your upright bench workout, proper execution is the key. With proper execution, you can target the right muscle groups, and you can prevent injury. Regular sets during your routine can help you build up your chest muscles if you do incline presses the right way. With that said, here are tips on how you can achieve the proper workout with your upright bench:


Set the Bench at the Correct Angle

Because incline bench presses target the chest, it’s advisable to set the angle on your upright bench to 30 degrees. 30 degrees is just right and will keep the focus on your chest because this will help prevent you from using your shoulder muscles too much.


Adjust Grip Width

set the bench at the correct angle

Powerlifters use different kinds of grip widths in their workout routine, and studies back it up. Researchers have found that a wider grip works on the bigger muscles like the pectorals, while a narrower grip works on the small muscle groups like the arms and shoulders.

To help you with your grip, get the Marcy Pro Mid-Width Bench with its mid-width configuration that can accommodate 5’ to 7’ bars.

Protect Your Shoulders and Keep Elbows Tucked

Getting the most out of your workout on the upright bench also means keeping yourself safe from injury. The bench has a bad reputation for injuring shoulders, but that happens when done incorrectly. One of the biggest mistakes made on this equipment is flaring the elbows when they lift upwards.

To protect your shoulders and to ensure the right muscles are utilized, keep your arms at a 45-degree angle relative to your torso and use a medium grip.

The Marcy Olympic Bench can help you get that intense workout without sacrificing comfort with its high-density foam padding that supports your body comfortably.

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