3 Kinds of Weight Lifting Bars and What They Do

3 kinds of weight lifting bars and what they do

Last Updated on November 22, 2017 by MarcyPro

To prepare for your strength training routine, it’s a good idea to start your strength training exercises with your barbells.  


What is the purpose for all these different bars? Each one can add variation to your  weight training exercise routine. Here are the different weightlifting bars that Marcy has and here are the specific muscles that they focus on:


Olympic Weightlifting Bar

olympic weightlifting bar

This special weightlifting bar is specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting. It helps enhance performance and  reduce injuries. Because Olympic weightlifting is such a dynamic sport, this bar is designed to be slightly different than a power bar.


The Olympic weightlifting bars are made of special steel that provides more whip than a power bar. That additional whip makes the Olympic bar much easier to catch. The bearings on the ends of the bar also help make your exercise routine safer by making the bar easier to spin which helps prevent wrist and arm injuries.


Marcy’s 7 ft. Olympic Weight Bar (pictured above) is designed with durable deep threads that can hold a maximum of 600 lbs. With its chrome-plated steel, this weight lifting bar is built to last for years.


Curl Bar

weightlifting curl bar

The shape of this bar allows you to perform bicep curls more comfortably. The design pronates your wrists and workout your triceps.


Marcy’s Tricep-Bicep Solid Combo Bar above is an excellent way for you to tone your arms. This bar will help isolate and intensify the workout for your biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles. The two safety spin locks will also help keep your workout safe from injury.


Swiss Bar


The Swiss bar is used to focus on upper body exercises including pressing, curling, tricep extensions, and rowing. The Swiss bar is the ideal weight training bar to use during recovery since it’s easier on the shoulders.


Marcy’s 1″ Threaded Tricep Bar is made from solid steel and is finished with durable chrome. The knurled hand grips allow for intense lifting to focus on triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles.


These three kinds of weight bars can help you better suit your specific exercise routines. By knowing what each bar can do means you can better target specific muscle groups better.


Barbells are a great addition to your home gym if you’re planning to improve your strength. Other equipment you can to help your routine are Marcy’s Power Tower, weight benches, and Smith Machine.

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