6 Ways To Get A Good Smith Cage Machine Workout

6 ways to get a good smith cage machine workout

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The Smith Cage Machine is one of the most versatile equipment that you can acquire for your home gym. Even if it is a locked range of motion, the Smith Machine can allow you to lift more weight without a spotter. The fixed vertical path of the bar also allows for a creative assortment of moves that you may not have thought of as possible.

Do you want to get more out of your Smith Machine workout? Here are six ways can try:


Throw the Bar Upwards

Squats and bench presses are the typical exercises done on the Smith Machine. But if you want to add some diversity to your routine, throw the bar upwards as WWE strength and conditioning coach Rob MacIntyre suggests.

You throw the bar and catch when it comes down using the stretch reflex to repeat the motion. With this routine, you can improve your upper body explosiveness. Try the bar throws in 3-5 sets of 5-6 reps.


Kaz Presses

6 ways to get a good smith cage machine workout kaz presses

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The Kaz press is named after strongman Bill Kazmaier and it resembles the close-grip bench press. The main difference between the Kaz Press and the close-grip bench press is that when you use the Smith Machine, the fixed range of motion ensures that the weight is kept in a vertical motion for your Kaz press.

Kaz presses are friendly on the elbows because they limit shoulder and chest contributions which can help you focus on your triceps. Try 3-4 sets comprised of 8-12 reps when you’re starting your arm routine.


Incline Presses

Bench presses are common exercises for the upper body, however most people don’t try it on an incline. When bench pressing on an incline, normally you’re going to need a good spotter, but with the Smith Machine you won’t need one.

If you fail to make a rep, you can just re-rack the weight with a flip of your wrists. With this safety mechanism in place, you can reliably lift heavier weights on your incline presses. So if you need a high impact workout for your upper chest, incline presses on the Smith Machine is what you need.


Hack Squats

If you’re looking for another workout that will focus on your lower body aside from free weight barbell squats, the hack squat is an option you can try with the Smith Machine. With the controlled bar, you can do squats as deep as possible so you can give your quads a good workout.


Overhead Presses

6 ways to get a good smith cage machine workout overhead presses

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The behind-the-neck press has gotten a bad reputation over the years because of stories circulating that it can serious injury. However, when done correctly – if you have good warm-up and if you use the right amount of weight, behind-the-neck overhead presses are safe. This is particularly the case with the Smith Machine.

By doing overhead presses with the Smith Machine, you can keep workout focused on the deltoid muscles.


Lunging in Place

Walking lunges is a routine that can target all the major muscles in your lower body. But to give yourself a challenge and test just how much weight you’re capable of lifting, you can try lunging in place with your Smith Machine. Because of the stabilization that the equipment provides, you can set yourself up under the bar to perform stationary lunges. With the added wait, you can better work on the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

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