How You Can Make Sure You Stay True To Your Exercise Routine

how you can make sure you stay true to your exercise routine

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It’s easy to decide to just stop exercising. Making excuses like “I’m too tired,” “I don’t have the time,” or “the weather isn’t right” are easy to make and that can lead to you abandoning the routine that you’ve worked hard on up to this point. So how can you can keep yourself motivated? Here are a few tips that can assist you:


Remember that You’re Doing This For Yourself

The primary beneficiary of exercising is of course yourself. You’re not just exercising so you can look good on your next beach trip, you’re exercising so you can stay healthy long term. This kind of motivation will make sure you stick to your routine.


Take it Slow

remember that you are doing this for yourself

If you’re just restarting your routine after weeks or months of putting it off, make sure you start off slow for now. For example, if you used to run 10 miles in a day, try doing 2 to 4 miles instead. This will help your body adjust first.


Tough it Out

Especially when it comes to strength training, it’s never going to be easy. On your first day back on the rack, you may not be able to get it right at first. It’s going to take time to adjust again so make sure you put in the effort to get yourself back in shape.


Keep Things Interesting

how you can make sure you stay true to your exercise routine tough it out

One reason why people stop their usual exercise routines is because they start to find it boring. To keep things interesting, you can try mixing up different routines that target different muscle groups.


Find Time to Your Routine


Are you sure that you can’t find the time to schedule your routine within the week? You can try exercising for 30 minutes a day, five times a week. Then put it in some weight training twice a week. If you get out of the office too late to get to a gym, a home gym with a set of weights is a big help.


Ask a Friend to Join You

how you can make sure you stay true to your exercise routine ask a friend to join you

If you’re having a hard time getting yourself motivated, perhaps a workout partner can help stay or get motivated. That friend can also help you stick to your routine. Furthermore, having a partner to workout with can help you exercise longer.


Keep Your Goals Realistic

Perhaps the reason why you stopped your routine was because you couldn’t reach your fitness goals. Don’t expect to get rid of 40 pounds in the span of a week, your routine is going to take time before it can really pay off. But what you can do for now is keep your workout goals more realistic then once you reach those goals you can set a new one to achieve.


Keep Track of Your Progress

You can stay motivated when you can see how much you’ve improved. Keeping a fitness journal can achieve those goals. In seeing your progress, you can see how much your workout gains.


Your Smith Machine is waiting on you. Make sure you stay true to your exercise routine so you can achieve your fitness goals!

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