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31 target midsection

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Five exercises that will blast your core fat into oblivion

Well, here we are, well into 2017 and many people are still trying to shed all of the weight that they gained over the holidays. One of the main areas where both men and women gain those unwanted pounds is in our midsections.

Fitness centers can be temples of physical self-improvement and we’ve got some midsection-blasting routines that can have you shedding that fat in no time.

A Smith machine is the perfect complement to this routine, since you can perform strength exercises in addition to purely focusing on your core. And, they don’t take up too much space in your home.

#1 Turbo Jump Burpees

Start this exercise off by crouching down from a standing position while placing your hands on the floor, and then kicking your feet back so that your legs are straight. Your chest should be resting on the floor, with your hands at your sides and your head facing forward.

From here, instead of performing the usual push-up, vault your entire body forward a couple of inches. Eventually, you’ll really feel the burn in your midsection.

Perform 6 to 8 reps, for a total of 3 or 4 sets. You’ll want to rest approximately 1 minute in-between each set.

#2 Planks

31 target midsection planks

For such simple-looking exercises, planks are one of the most incorrectly performed exercises of all. We’re going to explain how to do them right.

First, kneel down on the floor and place your elbows underneath you so that they’re approximately shoulder-width apart. Take one of your legs and extend it backwards and you’re balancing it on your toes. Then kick your other leg down so that it’s positioned beside it.

Focus on an area between your hands and flex your arms. From there, fully contract your glutes and shoulders. As your glutes engage, you’ll eventually start to feel them burn. The key here is to ensure that your shoulders are directly over your grounded elbows, and keeping your core tight by sucking your belly button in towards your spine. If done correctly, your body should form a perfectly straight line. Also, remember to breathe!

Try to hold the plank position for thirty seconds. If you can’t, gradually work up to that goal.


# 3 Slippery Mountain Climbers

Now that you know how to perform the perfect plank, begin this exercise by settling into a plank. Move your feet back, one at a time, until they are each  resting on a core slider. Be sure to balance yourself carefully and don’t make any sudden or jerky movements.

Execute the basic mountain climber exercise by drawing your knees upwards toward your chest, one leg at a time. Alternate each set at different speeds. For instance, first set fast, second set slow, third set fast, last set medium. This confuses your core muscles and makes them work that much harder.

Perform 4 sets in total, and do 20 to 30 reps (per leg). Rest for approximately 50 to 60 seconds between sets.


Sets: 3

Reps: 30-45s

Rest: 30-45 sec.


#4 Kettlebell Swings

31 target midsection kettlebell

From a standing position, bend at your knees and pick up a kettlebell in an overhand grip with both hands. The kettlebell should be on the floor between your legs.

Hoist the kettlebell upwards to approximately shoulder height. Focus on exploding with your glutes while driving the kettlebell upwards at a diagonal angle, but be careful not to overextend you lumbar spinal region. As you lower the kettlebell back down and swing it between your legs, fully contract your core in order to help brace against the weight’s momentum.

Perform 12 to 14 reps of these for a total of 4 sets. Be sure to rest (and breathe deeply) for one minute between each set.

# 5 Exercise Ball Rotators

Lie down on your back and hoist a weighted exercise ball into the air so that it’s suspended above your chest. Grasp it firmly in both of your hands to prevent slippage (trust us, you don’t want it careening around the gym—talk about embarrassing!).

Twist at your hips and torque your torso to one side, bringing the exercise ball down and slamming it into the floor. From there, bring the exercise ball back in the other direction by again twisting your torso, and slam it down on the other side. Focus on contracting your entire core throughout the entirety of each rotation, and soon, you’ll feel your torso begin to burn.

Do 12 to 14 reps for a total of 4 sets in all. Make sure that you rest for 40 to 50 seconds between sets.

Only Thing To it Is Just To Do it

31 target midsection just do it

Armed with these core-crushing exercises, and a little self-discipline, you can begin whittling those calories away, and shedding that stubborn layer of fat that’s suspended above your midsection.

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