Cardiovascular Exercise to Get Your Body Ready Again

cardiovascular exercise to get your body ready again

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Are you planning to go back to the gym after a long time off? It can be a daunting challenge to get back to the peak form your body was at but what are you supposed to do? Cardio exercises are the solution you’re looking for. Working on cardio can help get your body ready for the high impact exercises on the Smith Cage Machine that you used to do before. Here’s some of the equipment and routines you can try to get started again:



Walking on a treadmill lets you control speed and monitor your movements. Walking is a natural movement that doesn’t need a lot of skill to pull off. Furthermore, it’s an aerobic activity that helps burn calories and reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease. Walking is also a low-risk exercise so you don’t have to worry about injury and can help you feel good. Walk on a treadmill for about 30 minutes at a pace you’re comfortable with, afterward try gradually increasing the speed as your stamina improves.


Stationary Bike

cardiovascular exercise to get your body ready again stationary bike


Stationary biking is another low-impact activity that you can try to improve your cardio. Cycling can help you burn hundreds of calories while toning your leg muscles (quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves). Some stationary bikes are equipped with magnetic or air resistance so if you want a challenge, just adjust the knob.


Elliptical Machine

cardiovascular exercise to get your body ready again elliptical



Elliptical machines help work the muscles in your arms and legs. They are designed to replicate running motion without putting any stress on your joints. Depending on what’s comfortable for you, you can move the pedals on the machine forward or backward. You can start your routine at 10 to 20 minutes every few days so that your body can get used to moving with the equipment. Once you’re more comfortable, you can increase the speed and duration of your routine.


Rowing Machine

cardiovascular exercise to get your body ready again rowing



Rowing machines offer you exercises that can help stretch and tone your muscles throughout your body. With 30 minutes of rowing, a person can burn about 300 calories. A rowing machine will mimic the way the upper body moves when rowing about this. The routine will make use of your arms, shoulders, and chest. Also, it will let you contract and expand your legs in a gliding motion. This smooth and repetitive motion can help improve your joint mobility.


Once your cardio is good and ready with these machines and routines, you’re ready to take on the heavy lifting again with the Smith Machine! Learn more about this equipment and more from

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