Fitness Tips for Your Body Type

fitness tips for your body type

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Every person has natural body build that responds differently to exercise and diets. Endomorphs (or people who have stocky builds) are better at lifting than the ectomorphs (people who are skinny) that can run longer distances. The third build of people, the athletic mesomorphs, are able to do lots of exercise routines and physical activities.


Most people are somewhere between ectomorphs and endomorphs, but it’s still vital that you know what your body type is so you know how you should approach exercise. While your body build is natural, it doesn’t mean it limits what you want to do. Now that you have the best home exercise equipment ready, if there’s a will, there’s a way for you to reach your fitness and body goals. So here’s how you should approach exercise based on your body type:



fitness tips for your body type ectomorphs

Ectomorphs have slighter frames and have quicker metabolisms than those with a different body type. Due to their faster metabolism, ectomorphs have a harder time gaining mass, be it muscle or fat.


If you’re planning to build mass as an ectomorph, focus on strength training while taking care of your nutritional requirements. Because of your metabolism rate, you need to watch your food consumption. If not you may not gain the weight you’re looking for.

It is recommended that ectomorphs get nutrients and calories every three hours. Once you have your diet figured out, you should focus on working on your legs to optimize your strength.



fitness tips for your body type mesomorphs

Mesomorphs are the people who can live inside a gym and they gain muscle for sure. These are individuals who are built to be naturally good at anything even without practice. Mesomorphs have an athletic physique, strong bone structure, and they can gain muscle better.


Mesomorphs are able to gain fat better than ectomorphs, but less than endomorphs. The workouts that are effective more mesomorphs are a combination of strength training and high-intensity interval training. This will make sure you pack muscles and improve your cardio while being able to burn calories. Furthermore, it is recommended that mesomorphs maintain a balance between strength and cardio training.



fitness tips for your body type endomorphs

Endomorphs can gain muscle, but they also gain much more fat compared to ectomorphs and mesomorphs. The most important thing for endomorphs is having a balanced diet and cardio exercise. It’s going to take a lot of willpower to achieve that, but don’t forget to continue doing your lifting and strength training routines.


To balance everything out and so you can shed excess fat, you should spend three solid days for your strength training and for your aerobic exercise you should schedule three or four days. Furthermore, you should ensure you cut back on your caloric intake. Consider lean meats, complex carbohydrate, and fiber so you can get fewer calories for more nutrients.

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