4 Gym Exercises For Runners

4 gym exercises for runners

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Some runners might argue that strength training and running don’t make a good match. Aside from running, what else is there for a runner to do? Actually, strength training and running do make sense.

Supplementing strength training with running can help prevent injuries and make runners stronger and faster. However, there are certain variations to the routines of runners compared to those of bodybuilders. Instead of movements that involve pushing weight away from the body like bench presses or bicep curls, the goal of a runner for strength training is to target key muscles that will enable them to stay balanced as they run.

If you’re a runner that has the best home exercise equipment, here are four strength training routines that you should consider doing to get ready for your next marathon:


Single Leg Calf Raises

This movement can help strengthen your calf muscles for your runs. To do this, you stand with the ball of one foot toward the edge of a step so that your heel can sink down behind the step. Your foot should be perpendicular to the front edge of the step while the heel should be midair. While in this position, you should adopt a running posture.


Your other leg should be flexed at the hip like it was swinging forward as you were running. You should let the heel of the supporting leg sink down as low as possible, then you use the calf muscles of that leg to lift the heel as high as you can. Complete 10 reps on one leg before doing that for the other leg.


Overhead Lunges

4 gym exercises for runners overhead lunges

Source: greatist.com

These movements help strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and core. To do this exercise, you hold a pair of dumbbells overhead. Your arms should be straight and elbows locked. Step your left leg forward and lower your body until your front knee is bent at a 90-degree angle.

Return to your starting position then repeat the movement with your right leg. That’s counted as one rep. For each leg, perform six to eight reps.


Rotational Shoulder Press

Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells in front of your shoulders with elbows tucked and palms facing each other. Rotate your upper body to the right, pressing the weight in your left hand overhead, directly above your shoulder. Return to starting position, then rotate left, pressing the weight in your right hand overhead, directly above your shoulder. After performing this movement, that’s one rep. Perform six to eight reps.


Back Extension

4 gym exercises for runners back extension

Source: http://www.exercise-ball-exercises.com


This workout will help your target the lower back. Lie face down on a stability ball. Spread your feet wide to balance yourself. Your elbows should be bent, and your hands should lightly touch the ground for some initial support.


Squeeze your glutes as you’re lifting your torso until your body forms a straight line. When you lift your torso, take your hands off the ground, but make sure your elbows remain bent. Extend your arms overhead. Hold for one or two seconds then release your arms and torso back to your starting position. That’s one rep. Perform this movement for 10-12 reps.


With these strength training routines, you can be assured that your body will be less prone to injury, and be stronger and faster. If you’re in need of equipment to perform these routines, you can check out the selection at MarcyPro.com!

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