Workout Routines for Couples

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Being in a romantic relationship means that you care and support one another. One way you can support your partner is by making sure both of you are physically fit through exercise. If you have the best home exercise equipment, it’s time that you both get started with your fitness goals!

If you usually spend your down time or weekends on the couch, it’s time to shake your usual routine with exercise. Here are some exercises that you can do together:

Hook Squats

Man and woman squatting back to back.

Hook squats targets your glutes and this movement require both of you to support each other. To perform hook squats, start off by standing back to back with your partner and get into a squat stance. Squat down together and slowly walk in a clockwise circle still in a squat position. Once you’ve completed one cycle, count to 20 and then make the motion again counterclockwise. Do three sets.

Partner Push-Up

The traditional push-up uses your own body weight to create resistance, but with the partner push-up you can have your partner place a little more resistance. Start this routine by lying with your stomach on the floor and arms in the push-up position. Your partner stands over you and places their hands on your upper back.

As you rise to push up, your partner should create a little more resistance as they tighten their core at the same time. Complete reps until you start feeling tired then switch positions.

Crisscross Crunches

This routine will target the abs. To give you an additional incentive to perform this routine, set a number of reps to perform and see if you or your partner can match it. To perform the routine, sit on the ground in the crunch position. Lie flat on the floor, bend your knees and keep your abs engaged. Place your hands behind your head or crossed on your chest. Hook your legs with that of your partner and crunch up while keeping your abs engaged. If your hands are at the back of your head or neck, don’t pull. Keeping doing these movements until you reach the target reps you set with your partner.

Push-Up High Five

If you want to make your push-ups go to the next level, you can do push-up high fives. Face your partner an arms’ length away and get into a push-up position with your hands under your shoulders, legs extended, and core engaged.

Do a push-up and once you get to your starting position, give each other a high five, with your arms reaching to each other. Keep doing these push-ups until you get tired.

Superman Wrestle

Man and woman exercising on the beach together.

The Superman wrestle can help you target your lower back, butt, and hamstrings. To perform the movement, lie face down on the ground and face your partner with your arms extended with your palms touching. With your palms still touching, lift your chest and feet off the ground a few inches. Squeeze your glutes and keep your head up. Look at your partner and hold this position for 30 seconds and gently lower. Perform three sets.

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