Picking the Home Gym of Your Life

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We all know that commercial gyms and fitness centers are great but there’s something about having a home gym can be more beneficial.  As we continue to lead busier lives, finding the time to get to the gym on a regular basis can be challenging.  It doesn’t help that there are more distractions now more than ever to occupy our time.  For some people, the convenience of a home gym can help ensure they’ll stick to a fitness plan long enough to see a noticeable difference in strength, definition, and muscle physique.  With a home gym, you won’t have to worry about finding energy to travel to the gym after a long day at work or busy weekends.  Having a home gym system in your basement, garage, spare room, or even folded away under your bed means you can make the most of any workout time.


Home Gyms mwm-988 mkm-81030 mwm-990 mwm-6150 mkm-81030


Commercial gyms can be a great place to socialize and have access wide range of high-end fitness equipment and health facilities.  But you have to consider how much use you actually get out of a gym membership.  Nowadays, the quality of home fitness equipment is improving all the time, as is the affordability.  If you were to calculate the money spent on a gym membership over the course of a few years, in most cases you could put together your own gym at home with some top-of-the-line Marcy cardio and strength equipment for the same price.  Marcy products will retain its value well into the future.


Unless you are fortunate enough to live close to a 24 hour gym, your workout times are going to be restricted by the gym’s opening times.  Having a workout plan that you can complete at home means you can listen to your favorite music, catch up on your favorite show, and wear whatever you want.  With a home gym, you don’t have to time your workouts around peak times so that you have access to your favorite machine, as is the case with some of the more popular locations.  You gain more privacy and most of all, freedom!




Not everyone trains the same.  So, with a home gym system you can be time efficient.  If there’s only 30 minutes available to get some type of strength or cardio workout in, the convenience of a home gym will cater to your needs in a timely manner.  Home gym systems are usually all-in-one machines.  Unlike weight machines at the gym that are for single use exercises, home gyms now have multiple uses offering a variety of exercises to focus on upper and lower body muscles.

Here are some of our best-selling Marcy Home Gyms:



MWM-990 Home Gym

The Marcy MWM-990 has the lowest price point at $409.99 on www.MarcyPro.com with a 150lb weight stack that includes overhead station, leg developer, and a removable preacher curl pad.  Cosmetically, it has a sleek black finish so it can go nicely in any setting, whether it’s inside your home, in a garage, or a small gym.


MKM-81030-home gym

Moving on to the next best thing is the Marcy MKM-81030 which is the second to the lowest price point at $524.99 on www.MarcyPro.com with a 100lb weight stack that includes an overhead station and leg developer but does not have a preacher curl pad.  The MKM-81030 has a dimension that is smaller than the MWM-990.


MWM-988-home gym

After that, we have MWM-6150 which is not that much more in price compared to the MKM-81030, priced at $549.99 on www.MarcyPro.com with a 150lb weight stack offering all the others have to offer, with the exception of a preacher curl.  The MWM-6150 is a durable and strong machine.  This home gym has a nice black stealth finish.



For more bang for your buck, we have the Marcy MWM-988 running at $599.99 on www.MarcyPro.com with a 150lb weight stack offering everything you need; overhead station, leg developer, removable and adjustable preacher curl pad, and movement charts right on the machine.  Anyone can’t go wrong with the MWM-988.



Last but definitely, not least, we have the Marcy MKM-81010 packed with a whopping 200lb weight stack and going for $734.99 on www.MarcyPro.com which includes everything the other have; Overhead station, leg developer, and adjustable/removable preacher curl.  This gym equipment is perfect for the stronger athletes that can train heavier than 150 pounds.


Get your workout on all in the convenience of your own home with a Marcy home gym equipment now and live the life you’ve always wanted…. A healthy one!


  1. Wanted to know if you made a Smith cage with just the angled sliding barbell poles. I already have your bench with leg raises, etc and don’t need cables, etc. Just the tripod
    barbell frame.

    1. Jonathan,

      Thanks for the question! Usually discounts are advertised on our homepage or through our newsletter, I highly recommend signing up!

      Currently, we are having a sale on the MD-9010G Home Gym!:https://www.marcypro.com/

      Don’t Miss out!

      Best Regards,

  2. is there a downloadable exercise guide for the MWM-988? I am new to the fitness game and would like to know a good exercise guide for the machine that I just bought.

    1. Hello Rick! Thank you for your message We have a PDF workout chart we can send you, feel free to request a guide at marcypro.com/support, thanks!

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