4 Ways to Slim and Tone Your Legs

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There are times we focus too much on our upper bodies that we forget about the equally important lower half. The legs are an area of your body that you can have a hard time with trying to trim down. While there are no means to target only one area of your body to lose weight, there are specific exercises that can help to tone your legs.

If you’ve been looking for workouts to help get leaner, toned legs, here are some of the routines to consider when using the best home exercise equipment:

High Cardio Volume

One of the best ways to trim down leg fat is by performing cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. Doing 30 minutes of exercise for at least five days a week can be effective. Cardio exercises include pilates, jogging, running, biking, and swimming. These routines can help build a healthier, overall body weight. You can also try exercise bikes and elliptical machines which can target your lower body. 

If you’re just a beginner and your BMI is not at a healthy level, focusing on cardio exercise first will provide significant help in achieving your fitness goals.


Women doing lunges in the gym.

Lunges are a routine that will target the glutes and thighs. Some people think that this exercise will build muscle and make their legs look bigger, but this is the opposite of what really happens. When you do lunges, the muscles you develop will take up less space than fat. Lunges make use of various muscles to lift your butt and burn calories.

Incline Walks

Simply walking can be good for your body. It can help you achieve a healthier heart rate, weight, and BMI. If you want more of a workout that can target your glutes and thighs, walk on an incline. This will tone your legs and help you burn more calories than walking on a flat surface.


Man squatting in a room.

Squats are another excellent exercise that can help you tone your legs. Squats target large muscle groups like the glutes which can help burn a lot of calories. Together with other routines, you can notice a change in your overall physique, including your legs.

What you can do is stand straight and use a chair or wall for balance. Use a slow and controlled motion in and lift one leg to your side as high as possible. Do this without swinging your leg. Remember, to not push your body into a movement you’re not comfortable with. After 15-20 repetitions of this movement, you can feel your muscles have been working out.

These are just some of the routines that you can consider if you’ve been looking for specific exercises to tone and firm your legs. For more information and tips about exercise and home gym equipment, check out MarcyPro.com!

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