Exercises to Get Rid of Arm Fat

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If you’ve been looking for exercises that can help you tone your arms, there are various routines and equipment such as the Smith Cage Machine that can assist you to trim down arm fat.

Lack of physical activity is one of the causes of fat accumulation in the arms. To help you attain your goal of getting rid of flabby arms, here are a few exercise routines that you can try:

Weight Lifting with Your Smith Cage Machine

Woman working out on a Smith Cage Machine

You can do bench presses with your Smith Cage Machine. Bench presses can help work on your arms and the rest of your upper body, including your chest. With the Smith Machine, you can do more than that. If you’re looking for a more intense workout, you can throw the bar upwards and catch it with your stretch reflex. Try doing five to six reps with three to five sets.


Pushups will target your pecs and triceps. This will help tone and burn fat in your arms. To do these routines correctly, lie flat on your stomach first. Keep your feet together with your hands shoulderwidth apart, remember to keep your elbows straight. Lower your body without letting your stomach touch the floor and bend your elbows as you go down. Now push yourself up and repeat the motion. Do three sets with 10 reps each.

Tricep Dips

This is another routine that can work on your triceps. With the help of a chair or desk that’s at least two feet high, you can perform these dips. Your whole body weight will be helping you tone your arms.

Place your chair or desk in a stable position. Keep at least three feet distance away from you and the chair. With your back turned, place your hands on the chair or desk. Keep your hands shoulderlength apart. Move three to four steps forward away. Straighten your upper body and bend your knees to keep in line with the chair height. Now bend your elbows and lower yourself as low as possible. Now lift yourself up to the normal position.

Perform three sets of these dips with 20 reps per set.

Plank Walks

Woman performing a plank walk.

Another exercise that can help you work on your triceps are plank walks. Lie on your stomach on the floor and take the plank position with hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet and legs together. Your fingers should point outwards and your body in a straight line. Move your right hand to the left, and move your left foot towards the left. Alternate movements with your right leg and left hand then return to your initial position. Your abs should pull towards your spine and pelvis.

With these simple arm exercises, you can trim down your arm fat in no time. If you’re looking for more routines that can help you work on your arms or home exercise equipment that can help you with your overall fitness plan, check out MarcyPro.com!

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