Tips to Ease into Your New Year’s Fitness Plan

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Many people start a fitness program during the New Year, and fall back off it just as fast. It isn’t that they lack conviction. Rather, it’s because they jump into things too quickly or go overboard. As a result, they then get discouraged or unmotivated.

Here are some tips that can help to alleviate those beginner challenges. These tips can help you coast into your new fitness lifestyle, instead of rushing into it too quickly.

Beginning Schedule

Start off by exercising two to three times a week, as your schedule allows. Always make sure to let your entire body rest at least one day in-between any resistance (weight) training sessions. This will help your body get acclimated to your new workout routines.

Start Slow & Light

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of each workout, make sure that you are performing slow, even reps. This not only makes your muscles get more out of each exercise, but also helps you to gain more control over your weights.

In the beginning, you should be easy on your body . This means lifting lighter weights in order to get your body up to speed with resistance training. Nothing can be more discouraging than starting off too heavy and pulling a muscle.

Use Dumbbells & Smith Machines

Dumbbells and Smith machines are excellent for solo workouts. Dumbbells don’t necessarily require spotters as barbell exercises sometimes do.

Smith machines are great because they have tracked bars with safety latches. In this regard, Smith machines allow you to perform compound (multi-muscle) exercises such as bench presses and deadlifts by yourself. When you reach your final rep, you can simply lock off the bar when you’re done.

Gradually Adjust to Healthier Foods

Only part of the challenge of changing your body takes place in the gym. The other factor is monitoring your food intake.

Start off by eating at least one healthy meal per day. Eat whatever you want to for the rest of each day. This makes it a more natural transition to eating healthier, instead of making people feel trapped in a totally new food plan.

Fish, lean meats, whole grains, fruits and veggies—there are plenty of healthy foods to draw from. Have fun with it!

The 30 Day Check Up

Pat yourself on the back for making it to your first thirty days. Fitness has now become part of your lifestyle. You should notice your first subtle signs of attaining your fitness goals. Whether those be burning fat and losing weight, gaining more muscle mass, or increasing your cardiovascular levels.

At this time, try also try increasing your healthy meal intake from once a day to twice a day.

Look into Building a Home Gym

Some people can’t always make it to the gym. Bad weather, far distances, whatever the reasons, a home gym can ensure still getting those workouts in.

A designated fitness room is ideal for setting up a home gym. But you can still dedicate a separate fitness area if your living space is tight. Be sure to fully research your options.
These are just some of the tips that you can consider when beginning your new fitness goals. Be sure to check out to see our wide variety of fitness equipment— including some of the best home gym equipment available—and start burning those calories!


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