Indoor Workouts for Colder Weather

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There are many reasons why people tend to slack off of their fitness goals during the colder months. Some cite that they just don’t feel as motivated when it’s cold outside, while others view the cold itself as the enemy.

Unless you’re a person who is active in the skiing and snowboarding
cultures, or have access to work or home gym equipment, just the commute to your local gym can be challenging. Even for those who are into cycling, running, and other forms of outside training, cold weather can be quite daunting.

People who train in the outdoors say that there’s nothing quite like it. For instance, the difference between real rock climbing and indoor cliff climbing are worlds apart. Just like running on a mountain trail is vastly different from jogging on a treadmill.

But there are still exercises that you can do that simulate outside exercise, without having to deal with freezing temperatures. The following workouts simulate the movements that you would otherwise get from performing outside exercises, minus the cold.

For best results, alternate between Workout A and Workout B every other day.

4 gym exercises for runners overhead lunges

Workout A (3 sets each)


  • Lunges (10 reps)


  • Jumping jacks (30 reps)


  • Mountain climbers (20 reps)


  • Burpees (15 reps)


49 mega pump push up

Workout B


  • Push ups (15 reps)


  • Wall squats (15 reps)


  • Crunches (30 reps)


  • Planks (Hold for 45 seconds)

These exercises are great for working out within the comfort of your home or during work breaks. They allow you to still get great workouts in without having to worry about dealing with the cold weather outside, which can sap even the motivation to exercise from many people.


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