Why the Kettlebell is the Perfect Holiday Gift for the Fitness Guru in Your Life

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Give the Gift of Fitness

This holiday season give the gift of fitness with a kettlebell from Marcy. Do you have a fitness guru in your life? Surprise them with a multi-functional 25lb kettlebell this holiday season. Kettlebells are the gift that keeps on giving. Ideal for anyone who is a workout regular, fitness newbie or competitive athlete, 25lb kettlebells should be on everyone’s ultimate holiday wish list, including your own! Kettlebells are loved because this singular piece of equipment can effectively work nearly every part of your body. From the lower body to the upper body, training with 25lb kettlebells can strengthen, glutes, hamstrings, quads, abdominals, arms, shoulders and back muscles. In addition, the benefits of daily kettlebell workouts include improved cardiovascular health, faster metabolism and an overall improvement in physical health.

Jingle 25lb Kettlebells!

25lb kettlebell

With a kettlebell you’re giving someone one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment there is. Why are kettlebells a favorite workout apparatus for so many? It’s the compound action and functional strength training that kettlebells uniquely deliver. Functional strength training is a key component to effectively performing everyday tasks and improves the basic fitness required to maintain a healthy and productive life. As we age, our muscles can become weak. Because working out with a kettlebell improves the strength muscle groups and their supporting ligaments and tendons, kettlebells are an important gift to give anyone struggling with muscle weakness. Greater functional strength means less injuries, more confidence in performing everyday tasks and a better ability to manage the actions of daily living with ease. With the gift of a 25lb kettlebell this holiday season, you can not only help someone you care about improve their health, you can also help them become more independent.

Reign in the Spending

Let’s face it the holidays can be expensive, and the cost of gifts can quickly add up before you know it. If you’re looking for a smart gift to give this holiday season, that will last for years to come and be easy on your wallet give the gift of a kettlebell. Made of durable, rust-resistant eco-friendly material Marcy’s 25lb kettlebell is built to last, even with daily use. Why not complete your fitness gift theme with an Apex 3-Tier Kettlebell Weight Rack (VKBS-1N), a Marcy Combo Weights Storage Rack (DBR-0117), or Full Rack, Utility Trainer (STB-98010). Marcy’s line of fitness equipment makes giving the gift of fitness a worry-free decision. All of Marcy’s equipment is constructed from durable material which means that no matter what other equipment you pair with Marcy’s 25lb kettlebell, you can be certain that you’re giving a quality gift that will withstand daily use for years to come.

All About Those Bells

kettlebell squat

Marcy’s kettlebells come in a variety of options. From soft, yet durable materials, to adjustable weights, Marcy’s line of kettlebells even include a set of vinyl covered kettlebells designed for those a more comfortable grip. Let’s take a look at Marcy’s kettlebell options.

Hammertone Kettlebell

Made from recyclable cast iron material, Marcy’s line of Hammertone Kettlebells come in: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, and 55lb. Cast to a precise weight, and featuring a non-rust coating, Marcy’s Hammertone Kettlebells come standard with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

50lb Kettlebell Set

The 50lb Kettlebell Set (VKBS-50) is constructed from solid cast iron with a vinyl-coating which improves the grip and protects the kettlebells from moisture. The set comes standard with 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb kettlebells. A perfect gift for those new to kettlebells as well as those who have experience with kettlebell workouts.

Hers 30lb Kettlebell Weight Set

Marcy’s Hers 30lb Kettlebell Weight Set (VKBS-30) is sized for smaller frames. With a vinyl coating for enhanced grip and easy handling, the Hers 30lb Kettlebell Weight Set is a great gift for that active woman in your life. The set comes complete with sizes 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb kettlebells.

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

Constructed from a soft, durable exterior with large handles for a secure grip, the Bionic Body’s Soft Kettlebells are made to last. Available in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb weights these kettlebells are an effective and safe strength training equipment.

Post-Holiday Kettlebell Workout

kettlebell swing

Looking to shed some extra pounds come January? Try these three kettlebell post-holiday workouts and send those calories packing.

Kettlebell Swing

Working nearly every muscle in the body, the kettlebell swing sets those extra calories on fire. The kettlebell swing incorporates both cardiovascular and strength training which results in a slim figure and toned muscles with just one move.

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart and grip the kettlebell with both hands. Keeping arms fully extended, hold the kettlebell with an overhand grip.
  2. Swing the kettlebell through your legs while engaging your abdominals. Be sure that you maintain a slight arch in your back while you bend at the hips while swinging the kettlebell back through your legs.
  3. Swing the kettlebell forward by engaging your glutes and extending your hips forward as you swing the ball to chest height.

Kettlebell Lunge and Press

A great exercise for both lower and upper body strength and mobilizing fat loss, the kettlebell lunge and press demands muscle strength in both the upper and lower body as well as a fair amount of cardiovascular exertion.

  1. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, pick up the kettlebell and hold it with one hand.
  2. Step forward with the leg that’s opposite to the arm holding the kettlebell and lunge forward while extending your kettlebell arm overhead.
  3. Return to your beginning position and repeat with the other leg and arm.

Kettlebell High Pull

We saved the best for last with the kettlebell High Pull. Requiring a good amount of skill and strength, this exercise is a calorie killer.

  1. Start by standing with your feet hip distance apart.
  2. Grip the kettlebell with both hands and swing the kettlebell between your legs.
  3. Upon swinging the kettlebell forward to chest height, pull the kettlebell back to your shoulder, keeping your arm at shoulder level and elbow facing the back wall.
  4. After you pull the kettlebell back to your shoulder, reverse the position and push the kettlebell back into the swing.

Marcy has a wide selection of kettlebells perfect for holiday giving. Affordably priced, and constructed from quality materials, Marcy’s selection of kettlebells is a great addition to any home gym. Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality home gym cardio and strength training equipment!

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