What is Crossfit and what are the Crossfit Games?


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CrossFit is a word with a lot of weight in 2019 as it means a lot to many, but what is CrossFit? The definition provided by health.com is short and to the point: “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.” The goal of a CrossFit workout is to efficiently use every movement to built towards a stronger “you” and using High Intensity Interval Training is a part of that efficiency.

In addition to the workouts, CrossFit has become much more – a lifestyle, a community, and has cultivated in to the very popular CrossFit Games. The lifestyle can be seen all over Instagram where participants and gyms highlight each day’s intense workouts along with the regimented diets (of some) that are specific to their work out level. The community has become so strong and widespread, there are common “office jokes” about how Crossfitters can’t stop preaching about their workouts, gyms, and gatherings. They can’t stop talking about it, however, because it is so fun, effective, and inclusive – this is best exhibited by the CrossFit Games.

What are the 2019 CrossFit Games? Nope, they aren’t games made for your Nintendo Switch, the CrossFit Games are, essentially, a search for the fittest person on earth[1]. Bit of a bold statement right? But, it makes sense! To compete, there is an Open held worldwide in which people submit their scores online and each nation has a winner crowned. In addition, there are Sanctional Events held at licensed gyms where people can compete for a spot. After this world wide search for the fittest on earth, the CrossFit Games are held once a year.

What are the workouts done for the Crossfit Open, Sanctionals, and CrossFit Games? They vary quite a bit year by year, but there are a few Marcy products you can use for these exercises and to start your journey in to the CrossFit world.

The CrossFit Games 2018 workouts included a Rowing workout, Fan Bike / Air Bike workout, and Kettlebell workout. Of course, the average person couldn’t handle the exact workout at the CrossFit Games, but we all have to start somewhere!

Rowing on the Marcy Turbine Rower at home is a great way to workout and have fun

Marcy has a water rower coming soon (which will obviously be awesome,) but if you need a rowing machine today, the Marcy Turbine Rower – NS-6050RE will definitely suit your needs. Just like a water rower uses water, the turbine rower uses air to create a natural feeling resistance that increases as you increase your speed / intensity. The rower used in the 2018 CrossFit Games was the Concept 2 Rower; the Marcy Turbine Rower is similar to the Concept 2 in that both rowing machines use air for resistance.

There are a couple of Marcy Fan Bikes to choose from on your journey, the NS-1000 and the Air-1. Both bikes are stellar and will provide you with the high intensity interval training you are in search of. The Bike used in the 2018 CrossFit Games was the Assault AirBike; the Marcy NS-1000 and Air-1 Exercise Bikes (also known as Air Bikes or Fan Bikes,) are similar to the Assault Bike in that all three units use air for resistance.

Fan Bikes are efficient ways to workout alone or with a buddy!

Finally, the kettlebell is popular amongst CrossFit enthusiasts and those looking for an incredibly versatile piece of strength training equipment. The kettlebell is so versatile, we’ll be dedicating a whole blog to Kettlebell workouts in August. We have a wide variety of Kettlebells available – Padded kettlebells, Iron Cast Kettlebells, but our personal favorite is the Adjustable Kettlebell. You can use the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell at the start of your journey with the included 20lb weight or you can use it deep in to your journey by adding up to 30lbs of additional weight (sold separately.) Double kettlebell deadlifts and overhead lunges were a part of the 2018 CrossFit Games as a part of the Fibonacci Heat.

Does it seem like a lot of information? This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the CrossFit Games, and there is endless additional information about CrossFit overall. But, now you have an idea of what this community has to offer and how you can get started with just a handful of Marcy Fitness Products. Our August blog, Crossfit Exercises for your Home Gym Explained, will go in-depth in to popular HIIT exercises you can do at home and will have a solid workout of the day you can incorporate to your weekly workouts!

[1] https://games.crossfit.com/about-the-games


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