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MWM-990 and MWM-81010 Stack Home Gyms - Strength Training

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If you have a gym membership, you’ve probably seen a stack home gym or used one in the past. However, many people find stack home gyms to be intimidating and avoid using them. Read on to find out about the benefits of a stack home gym and why you should add this piece of equipment to your home gym.

Most home gym equipment is very specialized towards a single goal, such as squat machines, cable crossover machines, and more. Though those types of units often use a weight stack, we would not call them stack home gyms / stack weight gyms. A stack home gym has multiple functions and targets various parts of your body, they are something like circuit trainers which Marcy produced years ago.

The main benefit of using a Marcy stack home gym is getting an efficient full body workout. As of the writing of this blog (November 2019,) all Marcy stack home gyms deliver a total body workout through a lat bar, preacher curl pad, butterfly press / chest press, and seated rows.

Pull-ups are a popular fitness goal among exercisers. However, attempting pull-ups can be daunting, for people of various fitness levels, because you have to lift your total body weight. By working out your back muscles with a lat bar, you can efficiently work towards your pull-up goal without directly starting with a pull-up bar.


The lat bar is incredibly effective at working out your back through a wide variation of lat pulldowns. Without a stack home gym or an exercise system that provides a pulley system, lat pulldowns are impossible to achieve.

The lat bar works in tandem with the upper  pulley on Marcy stack home gyms. The upper pulley can also be used to complete various other exercises depending on the attachments you have available. Not all of Marcy’s units include the same attachments, but the pulley attachments are easily changeable with the use of a carabiner. Use the upper pulley along with a handle for triceps extensions, triceps rope for face-pulls, and many more exercises.

The lower pulley can be used for a wide number of exercises depending on the attachments available. Those lower pulley exercises include bent over rows, bicep curls, glute kickback, and many more. In addition, the lower pulley can be used with the foot plate for rows, with the preacher curl pad for preacher curls, and with the leg developer for leg extensions. The upper and lower pulley alone can provide a full body workout.

Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym MWM-4965 Leg Developer Leg Extensions

The Marcy Stack Home Gyms also have dual function press arms. The press arms are deemed dual function because they can be used for two different motions. Use the press arms for butterfly presses or change it up and use the same arms for chest presses.

Resistance training with free weights, pulleys, or other weight machines is beneficial for your health. The benefits are great for both men and women. These benefits include weight control, stronger bones, and more. With this wide variety of stack home gym features you can easily target the majority of your muscle groups with one piece of equipment.

Most people avoid working out because they find it too time consuming. If you include the trip to your local gym, waiting in line for a machine, and the wide variety of machines / free weights you have to use – going to the gym is time consuming. You can avoid that hassle and save time by adding a stack home gym to your garage gym.

This exercise chart will help you create a workout of the day depending on your current strength and desired goals. 

And remember, if you’re not looking to bulk up a lot, your workout shouldn’t be about maxing out and lifting until failure. Take it easy and increase weight gradually to see healthy and safe results. Don’t care about the visual results? 30 minutes of exercise 3 – 5 days a week is incredibly beneficial for your overall health.

Whether you are in the market for a stack weight machine, smith machine, or a standard bench, has the workout equipment to best suit your needs. 

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