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Best Fitness Equipment Gift Guide 2019

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Black Friday Sales are right around the corner. Don’t miss out on any Black Friday Deals in 2019! Finding a sale during this time of year is easy right? What is difficult is coming up with Christmas gift ideas – this gift guide will take the difficulty out of finding gifts for men or women.

Whenever you are aiming to narrow down a list, your best bet is to set up some parameters. When it comes to gifting home gym equipment, ask yourself the following:

Does Bob prefer strength training or cardio? Has sally mentioned she is working on a particular muscle group? Should I bother getting Bob and Sally gifts? (the last question should be a personal reflection, we can’t help you there!)

Below you will find a few gift ideas based on strength or cardio and a spend range.

Gift $50 and below – Strength and Cardio

Home Gym equipment can be expensive, but getting a solid workout in doesn’t have to be! You can easily find gifts $50 and below on for a number of people.

Bionic Body Resistance Tube Kit BBKT-090 Exercise

An awesome starter kit for men and women would be the Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit | BBKT-090. The resistance band kit includes a 20lb, 30lb and 40lb resistance band / resistance tube. The multiple levels allow you to customize your home workouts and challenge yourself as you progress through your home gym workouts.

The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit BBKT-90 also includes two single grip handles, a door anchor, and ankle strap. Use the Resistance bands with the included accessories for curls, rows, triceps extensions and more!

With light weight resistance and a high number of reps, the Bionic Body Kit can be used for cardio workouts. However, if you’re looking for a low priced subtle cardio workout under $50, the NS-912 Mini Cycle is perfect! Use the NS-912 under your desk while you work or use it on your desk to tone your arms. The NS-912 Mini-Cycle is perfect for a quick cardio workout that you can take virtually anywhere.

Gift between $100 – $250 – Strength and Cardio

When it comes to gifting exercise equipment, it is easiest to not presume the person’s fitness level (but if you happen to know their fitness, that is ideal.) Despite being In the $100 – $250 range, still has high quality exercise equipment at a very affordable price. The pieces of equipment below are great for people of various ages and experience levels.

ME-709 Recumbent Bike great for rehabilitation - female model

For example, Marcy’s best selling recumbent bike the ME-709 falls well below $250. Recumbent bikes are often recommended by doctor’s / physical therapist as a means of rehabbing an injury. Because of the comfortable seat and low impact on joints, recumbent bikes are also perfect for older riders. Finally, recumbent bikes are also great for fitness enthusiasts who want to go for very long rides with minimal back strain.

To build long-term strength for under $250, Marcy provides a 110lb Olympic Weight Plate set with a 3-piece Olympic Bar. Perfect for people with all levels of experience, but ideal for beginners. This Olympic weight set allows the user to start light, and go all the way up to 110lb over time as they gain experience and muscle. For those not looking for too much muscle mass, the 110lb is more than enough to build thorough strength! In addition, the bar breaks down in to three pieces for easy storage when not in use.

Gift between $300 – $500 – Strength and Cardio

Though a gift in the $300 – $500 range may seem a bit high, the gift of better health, sleep, mood, and more are priceless! At Marcy, $300 – $500 can get you a lot – including a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.

Rowing is one of the most versatile and efficient full body cardio workouts you can get. When rowing, you target your arms, back, legs, glutes, and chest in one fluid motion. All rowing machines provide a great workout. However, many point to the water rower as being your best rowing option because the motion is fluid and the resistance increases as you put more effort in to rowing.

Bring this efficiency to the comfort of your own home with Marcy’s NS-6070RW Water Rower. This water rower is built with an extremely comfortable seat for long rides, wheels to easily move the unit, and the option to store the unit vertically to save space.

MWM-7041 Power Cage Home Gym Squat Rack System - Dip Bars

If you’d rather purchase a strength exercise gift, the Marcy MWM-7041 Cage Home Gym is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that is well under $500. The MWM-7041 allows for you to workout using body weight through dips / pull-ups, rowing using the lower pulley,  and lat pull-downs using the upper pulley. The back of the cage has a weight plate rack to store your plates while not in use.

Most importantly, the MWM-7041 acts as a squat rack / bench rack. When using the inside of the cage, utilize the Olympic safety stoppers to safely squat without a spotter. Though you would go a little over budget, add the SB-350 Utility bench to the MWM-7041 for chest presses, weight bench exercises, and more! And, add your current free weights to this classic combo to make your exercise options virtually unlimited.

Gift above $500 – Strength and Cardio

If gifting an item above $500 is in your range, Marcy has some of the best equipment available at the best prices possible for an intense workout.

Keep in mind as you gift some of these larger items, the amount of space the giftee has can be an issue. Marcy smith machines, for example, require a lot of floor space. More importantly, many of the home gyms are about 6 ft tall and up. When considering larger gifts, it might even be a good idea to make sure the person really wants the item!

In addition, because large items like home gyms ship via freight carrier, you will want to allow plenty of time for the order to be delivered. Since the delivery requires a signature, you may want to have the order delivered very early to your home and take the gift over at a later date (if that works for you.)

When it comes to cardio, for a little above $500, get Marcy’s top of the line JX-663SW Treadmill. The JX-663SW includes incline control, MP3 compatibility, and various workout programs. With so much to offer, the person you gift this treadmill to will be able to run easily and comfortably at home.

MD-9010G Marcy Smith Cage Machine Training System is the perfect gift

The ideal piece of strength equipment to gift would be the Marcy MD-9010G Smith Machine Training System. This heavy duty piece of exercise equipment provides a full body workout that functions much like a circuit trainer. Utilize the cable crossovers, lower pulley, butterfly press, and more to build muscle. With all these workout options in one machine, you can quickly tackle your daily workout by simply changing the amount of weight plates you want to use and pushing forward.

Remember, Marcy Smith Machines do not include weight plates. As a result, the person you are buying the Smith Machine System for will need to have weight plates or will need to buy them upon receiving their awesome new gift.

There is a lot more to Marcy Smith Machine Systems, find out more about Marcy Smith Machine Home Gyms here.

No matter who you are buying a gift for, or if your just treating yourself, has the best exercise equipment. Have questions or want to do some research before making a purchase? Check out more of the Marcy Fitness Blog for details regarding our products, general health / fitness tips, and much more!

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