Best Home Gym Equipment for Beginners

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In the words of Lao Tzu, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Many people fail to start working out because they are intimidated by the ensuing journey. Every journey starts with a single step, but the “secret of getting ahead is getting started” (Mark Twain.) So, let’s get started by making working out easy and convenient with home gym equipment.

Strength training equipment makes for great beginner equipment. Strength training aids in losing weight, builds stronger muscles / bones, boosts energy levels, and much more. Want to lose weight without a diet? Strength training is the best way to go as building muscles will increase your metabolism and make your body need more daily calories.

However, realistically, you will always need to diet to lose weight. In addition, eating healthy will make you feel better on a daily basis and will help you put in a good workout.

The best weight set for beginners would be the Marcy Standard Weight Bench MWB-20101. This single weight and bench set is so comprehensive, it is almost a home gym in itself. Use the 80lb bar and weight plates for presses, squats, and many more exercises. The plates can be used with the included leg developer to do curls and leg extensions.


A weight bench is pivotal to any home gym, whether you plan to build a comprehensive garage gym or just need one strength device, a weight bench is the way to go. Simple, but effective workouts can be created with a single weight bench. And, weights technically are not needed for a weight bench workout. There are various body weight exercises that can be done with a bench and, well, your body weight!


If space is an issue, a resistance tube / resistance band set is optimal. If used well, a resistance band set acts as a portable home gym. In combination with accessories, a resistance band set can easily provide a full body workout. The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit BBKB-090, for example, fits in a backpack or duffle bag, even with all the included accessories.

The resistance bands work for both weight resistance strength training exercises and as added weight for body weight exercises. For example, using the resistance bands for curls allows you to use the bands as weights and using the bands during squats or lunges allows you to add weight resistance to those exercises. As a result, the resistance bands are a perfect tool for both cardio training and strength training.

A dedicated cardio machine in your home gym is a great way to hold yourself accountable to working out consistently. When an exercise bike or other piece of cardio equipment is in your home, weather, time, and convenience are not valid excuses (and they never should be for your health!) There is a wide variety available when it comes to exercise bikes and rowers.

The workout bike or rowing machine you choose should be based on your needs. Assuming you have average health and ample space, we’d recommend a Marcy Fan Bike. The Marcy Fan Bike NS-1000 is ideal for beginners and advanced users alike because the resistance increases as you push harder on a fan bike.


As for rowers, we would recommend a Marcy Water Rower. For the same reason as a fan bike, the water rower increases in resistance as the user increases their workout intensity. Also, the water resistance of the Marcy Water Rowing Machine provides a realistic rowing experience.

By using cardio products that increase with user intensity, you can set your own pace and have a potentially infinite challenge as you grow during your fitness journey.

For Marcy, our strength (pun not intended) and popularity lies in our home gyms. Some of these home gyms, however, can be a bit intimidating for beginners and frequent exercisers alike. Though all our home gyms can be used by beginners, we’d recommend the MWM-990 150lb Stack Home Gym for workout newbies.

The MWM-990 150lb stack home gym is an ideal starter home gym for three reasons: cost, convenience, and size. Most of our home gyms are much pricier than standard equipment. Those new to exercises who aren’t ready to make the leap are often held back by the cost of home gyms.

Being the most economical, the MWM-990 Stack Gym gives you the best workout for the price.


The MWM-990 provides a full body workout that is easy and fast to complete. Being able to quickly move from exercise to exercise ensures an efficient workout that you can fit into your busy schedule. In addition, this stack gym has a much smaller footprint than our Smith Machine Home Gyms. If you believe you’ll be going further on your fitness journey over time, the MKM-81010 200lb stack gym has more weight and a couple more exercises to offer.

When it comes down to it, all you need is a couple pieces of exercise equipment for home workouts (maybe even one if you are creative enough!) Use your equipment a few times a week, keep track of your calories burned (or heart rate for advanced exercisers,) and you will be losing weight in due time.

Trying to gain muscle? In the simplest terms, target a muscle group, follow a regimen, and safely intensify your workout over time. Once your fitness level is too high for the workout, increase your physical activity, restructure your regimen, and you’ll bulk up over time. Check out the Marcy Fitness Blog for blogs on specific sections of your body.

Are you ready to throw away your gym membership? Or, save money by firing your personal trainer? sells the best equipment at the best prices for beginners and advanced users (mandatory cheap plug.)

Don’t wait to get started, exercises for beginners are just about the same as exercised for advanced users. The sooner you start your beginner exercises, the sooner you’ll become an advanced exerciser. Make your way towards your fitness goals today!

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