Quit Ignoring your Cardio Exercises!

Quit Ignoring your Cardio Exercises! - Lose Weight by Walking

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Many dread pushing through their cardio every other day. However, cardio often takes very little effort. The issue is likely people are not choosing the cardio that suits them best.

Someone once said the best workout for you is the one you enjoy. If you know who, let us know in the comments! The idea is if you enjoy your workout, you are much more likely to actually do it on a consistent basis.

Today we will take a quick look at the cardio options to choose from so you can actually get it done! #NoExcuses

Walking – Walking is often overlooked as a viable cardio exercise. Walking can be awfully time consuming, however, for some it is the best or only option.

You have to push hard at work and while lifting. Why not take a break and enjoy walking at a comfortable pace? You could use a long walk as a way to unwind from your day or lifting regimen.

For many, walking is a preferred method because of the low impact on joints (the elliptical and the rowing machine are good for a low-impact cardio workout as well.) The one inconvenience about walking is weather. You are affected by the elements when it is too cold, hot, or wet outside to walk.

Getting a treadmill definitely helps; some are not a fan of treadmills, but they are really convenient. Especially if you set treadmills up in front of a TV or if you have a good book with you. Doing something fun along with your walk is an encouraging way to stay consistent with working out!

For those of you who have doubt in walking, here is a little additional reading on the benefits of walking:



Quit Ignoring your Cardio Exercises! - 20 min of cardio a day will maintain your health

Jogging / Running – For many doing cardio, running is their go-to. The benefits of running are actually very similar to walking. But, running can be much more efficient than walking for obvious reasons (more done in a shorter amount of time, more strenuous, etc.)

The downsides of running can be seen above as they are the same downsides as walking when it comes to weather. An additional downside to running would be the high-impact stress it puts on one’s knees and / or joints.

Cycling / Biking – Cycling and Biking bring the best of walking and jogging together – you can make it very strenuous, but it is still a low impact workout when using a recumbent bike! Biking is a very fun way to get your cardio done when you do it in the streets.

Bike at home with one of these bikes and enjoy the comfort of not having to go outside to face the elements! Not to mention the safety of being at home (always wear a helmet when bicycling in the streets!)

There are several studies showing the benefits of cycling: decreased stress, strengthened bones, improved joint mobility, and the list goes on! A recent study even claims that bicycling can reduce your chances of getting cancer! Sounds like cycling isn’t just a time saver, it is a life saver!

Elliptical – If you take the low-impact strenuous workout of biking and combine it with the upper body use of running – you have the elliptical. The elliptical is a great full body workout with very low impact. If your goal is to burn calories as quickly as possible, some publications claim one can burn about 400 calories for every 30 minutes on the elliptical. Grab your full-body cardio workout machine at MarcyPro .

One big complaint people have about exercise machines is the space issue. This is a reasonable complaint. Some people do not have a whole room to themselves just for working out or they do not want their exercise equipment in plain sight when they have guests.

If space is your problem, there is a solution! Pick up the Bionic Body Elliptical Trainer; this sweet elliptical machine is nice and easy to store. Since the resistance bands are removable, you can even use it while you do computer work! #NoExcuses.

Rowing : Undoubtedly the most overlooked piece of cardio equipment is the rowing machine. Actual rowing, admittedly, is a hassle (this is probably why the rowing machine took so long to gain popularity.) Rowing will put your body to work. Almost literally, your whole body goes into rowing: Shoulders, Back, Butt, Thighs, Cavs, and arms!

A point to stress about a rowing machine is it is much more fun than merely walking or running. Change up your routine (or start one) with a Marcy Rower. Keeping your exercises fresh will help you stay on track! The exercise you enjoy doing is the one you’ll do every day!

Quit Ignoring your Cardio Exercises! - Rowing is a great full body workout

The workouts above are some of the most effective and / or common cardio workouts. You can always take a strength training routine and make it a cardio routine. They range from easy exercises to full-body cardio workouts; no matter which one you choose, choose one and do it well, efficiently, and consistently.

TL;DR Cardio exercises not only help you stay lean, they fend off various ailments, maybe even cancer. Cardio can reinforce your body by helping your bones stay dense, boosting your immune system, weight loss, and more/

Rowing, walking, cycling, running, or using an elliptical will more than suffice if you do each well, efficiently, and consistently. There is no need to jump in to high intensity interval training, start and go at your own pace. You can start burning fat with just 20 minutes of cardio a day (whatever keeps your heart rate up.)

So it’s time to start! Extra points for those of you who were reading this while using something like a cardio mini cycle under your desk!  🙂

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