What is a Dual Action Recumbent Bike?

Last Updated on June 8, 2022 by MarcyPro

A dual action recumbent bike is a recumbent bike with exercise arms. The exercise arms are similar to the arms found on dual action ellipticals. Some also call this style of stationary bike a recumbent cross trainer.

Dual action recumbent bikes deliver an upper and lower body workout. You workout your quadriceps (quads,) Hamstrings, shins, calf muscles, and glutes with the pedals on a dual action recumbent bike. By pushing the exercise arms back and forth, you activate your pecs, deltoids, triceps, and biceps.

Dual Action Recumbent Bike Vs Recumbent Bike

There are several reasons to purchase a dual action recumbent bike over one without dual action exercise arms. One of the best reasons for choosing a recumbent bike with arms is the access to an upper body and lower body home workout.

By combining your upper body and lower body workout into one, you can potentially cut down on the fitness equipment needed to reach your fitness goals. Of course, the exercise arms won’t replace your regular strength training with weights. However, you can maintain some upper body strength with the dual action exercise arms.

Combining your leg exercises along with your arm exercises will save time. By doing both body exercises at once, you’ll get your heart rate up faster and cut your targeted cardio workouts in half.

Why buy a dual action recumbent bike / recumbent cross trainer over an elliptical cross trainer?

A cross training elliptical is easier on your knees than running. However, upright bikes are as easy on your knees as an elliptical. Moreover, recumbent exercise bikes are easier on your knees than an upright stationary bike! Did you follow us there?

TL;DR Recumbent bikes are easy on your knees, easier than an elliptical or bike.

Commonly, recumbent bikes are suggested for those with knee problems or knee pain because of the unique angle at which one pedals while sitting. Even for those without knee issues, sitting back with a back pad allows the rider to workout for a longer period of time without the need to stop and puts less stress on your back throughout the workout.

The Dual Action Recumbent Bike with Arm Exercisers JX-7301 by Marcy delivers an upper body and lower body workout at the same time as described above. In addition to the efficient workout provided by the Recumbent Exercise Bike with Arm Exercisers, the JX-7301 brings a lot of conveniences to the comfort of your home. This stationary bike has an adjustable seat, easy to read lcd screen to monitor progress, and adjustable levels of resistance.

Increase or decrease the magnetic resistance provided by the bike by the simple turn of the resistance knob. The eight preset levels of resistance allow you to easily modify your workout as needed. You can throw away the complicated workout programs and use the lcd screen to make sure you are staying on track with your fitness goals.

The padded seat ensures you’re focused on your workout instead of any discomfort. With a maximum user weight capacity of 300lbs, this recumbent bike is suited for people at most stages of their fitness journey. Finally, a tablet holder / device holder allows you to place your device at a convenient height to watch or read while you workout. With the JX-7301, you won’t get bored of indoor cycling!


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