Setting Up and Maintaining your Marcy Home Gym

MAT-20 Home Gym Fitness Mat - easy to clean off liquid

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Welcome to the Marcy Family! If you’re a little overwhelmed on where to start with your set up, we’re here to provide some guidance! First and foremost, if you’re planning to use flooring (such as the best mats for home gyms,) please make sure you already have them in hand! Moving your home gym after it is built isn’t impossible, but given their weight, it is fairly difficult.

Second, if you’re building a home gym that has moving parts (such as a Marcy Smith Machine or Marcy Stack gym,) make sure to purchase silicone based lubricant before setting up your Marcy product.

Gym flooring helps ensure your floor isn’t scuffed or scratched by your exercise equipment. Marcy Gym Mats in particular are non-slip to ensure your equipment, and yourself, are balanced and not sliding around during workouts. Home gym mats also help ensure accidental drops aren’t devastating to your flooring. Most Gym floor mats will be made of easy to install interlocking tiles so you can customize / expand your home gym floor mat setup.

Marcy Gym Mats are all high density foam mats or foam tiles, but there are also rubber gym mats made by other companies that are a bit heavier. Whether choosing rubber flooring or foam flooring, high quality gym mat flooring will protect your floors during workouts.

Many miss the fact that Marcy Smith Machine Home Gyms need to be lubricated. If there are any moving parts on your Marcy home gym (e.g. pulleys or smith bars,) you will need to grease them periodically.

Adding silicone lubricant spray to your Marcy workout equipment will allow your moving parts to move smoothly. Oil based lubricant oil can be used as well, however, we recommend silicone based as oil based tends to get mucky over time.

Another important reason to grease the moving parts of your home gym is to increase the longevity of your home gym. Most Marcy products are made of 14 gauge steel that is powder coated to prevent rusting. However, if the gym machine friction isn’t smooth, the metal on metal will deteriorate the unit over time. Though no item lasts forever, Marcy Home Gyms last much longer when they are lubricated properly.

When do I lubricate my home gym? Well, that depends on the frequency of use. We generally recommend oiling the moving parts of your gym equipment every 6 – 8 weeks

However, the user can generally feel whether the unit needs to be greased or not. As a result, feel free to use your own discretion.

How do I know if I need to lubricate my home gym? Grab the owner’s manual for your item and search for the section titled “Care and Maintenance.” If your gym equipment needs to be lubricated, it will be noted under the “Care and Maintenance” section.

For the most part, the only Marcy products needing lubrication are the treadmills and the home gyms that have moving parts (such as pulleys and smith bars.) Please note, lubricant is not included with our home gyms, however, treadmill belt lubricant is included with our treadmills.

Marcy Treadmill Belt

Now that you have everything you need for your Marcy home gym equipment, you’re ready to start assembling your gym equipment. Some gym equipment is much easier to set up than others. Grab your assembly manual and follow the instructions as shown; if you don’t have your assembly manual, all Marcy assembly manuals can be found here.

As of writing this blog, not all Marcy assembly videos are available. However, Marcy assembly videos can be found here. We aim to add all the videos as soon as possible, but we apologize if your video isn’t available when you need it!

If you find you still need help after using the Marcy assembly manual and Marcy assembly videos, we’re here to help! You can get help with Marcy product assembly through our ticket support system

Once your Marcy home gym is set up, you are pretty much ready to go! Make sure to lubricate your machine as noted above, before the first use and periodically as necessary. And, we recommend wiping down your home gym after use, just to get the sweat off the bench and bars!


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