Maintenance Tips for Your Marcy Pro Home Gym Equipment

Last Updated on November 1, 2021 by MarcyPro

Keep your Marcy Pro exercise machines as good as new for longer.

There is nothing better than exercising using your own home gym setup. You don’t have to wait in line for the next piece of workout equipment to open up or share a bunch of public locker rooms and showers. And, your home gym never closes, unlike many fitness facilities in community centers or membership fitness centers. Thanks to Marcy home gyms, you can train in the comfort of your own home with high quality home gym essentials.

After going through a number of home gym ideas and building a home gym, you should know that proper maintenance is a must. Home gym maintenance ensures longevity and proper working order of all of your machines and weights. A clean home gym will lead to a smaller possibility of issues with Ringworm or Staph infections. Avoiding Ringworm and Staph is especially crucial if multiple people use your garage gym at the same or different times.

Marcy weight machines and exercise equipment are built to last a long time. But, regular maintenance will allow them to function at their full capacity even longer. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your Marcy equipment for years and years to come.


cleaning to maintain equipment

Make sure to thoroughly clean your equipment after each and every use. Use cleaning rags to wipe off any secretions or sweat that may have landed on the machine during your workout. Allowing moisture and bodily oils to remain on your machines may not only leave unsightly stains, but may also corrode parts over long periods of time. So always have some cleaning rags or dry towels handily available to perform some quick spot-wipes after using each piece of equipment.

Specifically, we recommend using a microfiber cloth along with a mixture of a few drops of non-abrasive dish soap and water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle to avoid saturating your cloth and wipe down the equipment with the cloth. We recommend using a microfiber cloth as it is better at germ removal than most other cloths.

There is no need for a deep cleaning if you regularly clean your equipment lightly. Many recommend using disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray to clean your home gym equipment. A disinfectant solution or isopropyl alcohol based solution may work very well. However, a mixture of a small amount of soap and water would do the trick just fine.

Don’t forget to use clean towels to thoroughly wipe all of your free weights, barbells, weight plates, and weight discs. You will clean your gym mats and yoga mats in the same fashion as your exercise equipment. Use the mixture of water and non-abrasive soap and a clean towel. Don’t let your equipment air dry completely (for example, just spraying down your equipment,) as that isn’t as effective as wiping it down.



lubricating to maintain equipment

Now that you know how to clean your gym equipment, don’t forget about lubricating it. Lubricate all the moving parts of your Marcy strength equipment on a monthly basis, or more frequently depending on use. Spray silicone based lubricant on pulleys, smith tracks, and any other moving parts.

Adding silicone based lubricant will allow for a smoother range of motion during each repetition. The lubrication will also ensure the pulleys and all moving parts last longer because of the reduced friction.

Weekly Overall Inspection & Spot Fixes

Cleaning and lubricating your Marcy fitness equipment and machines is important to keep them in tip-top shape. You will want to perform periodic inspections on your exercise equipment, too.

For equipment such as Smith machines and workout benches, you’ll want to inspect every part that contains screws. For benches in particular, these can sometimes be harder to spot, so make sure that you look on their sides as well as underneath them. Since more rigorous workouts and weight bearing exercises can sometimes put a strain on these pieces of equipment, their screws can begin to loosen. If this happens, tighten them firmly with a screwdriver, but not so tight that it’s too difficult to untighten them.

Unlike rubber or urethane weights, iron dumbbells and barbells can eventually begin to rust. If this happens, you can use any household cleaning solution to carefully wipe rust patches away. Be careful to wipe them dry with a cleaning towel since iron weights are covered by a thin layer of enamel which can quickly re-rust if not dried.

Also, be sure to check all your equipment for cracks or extensive wear and tear on their padded areas, such as the seats of benches or cardio equipment. Most issues can be taken care of by replacing parts. You’ll want to contact your equipment manufacturer for warranty and part replacement information. For help with all Impex and Marcy equipment parts request, please open a ticket here or request Impex and Marcy parts here.



Another valuable tip for maintaining your home gym equipment is to store unused equipment in a safe area. This allows for more problem-free operation and also helps to prevent accidental injuries. Larger Marcy Home Gym Equipment often features convenient transport wheels or sleek-compact design storage. If you need stand alone weight storage, Marcy weight plate trees, dumbbell weight racks, and more can be found here.

Put These Tips Into Action!

So there you have it—some easy and simple ways to keep your garage gym equipment in amazing condition. These tips can help you to avoid any sudden breakdowns and the need for repairs. With proper preventative maintenance, you can focus on training hard for that perfect body you’ve always wanted.

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