What are the white Marcy smith machines? & Smith Machine FAQ

MD-5139 Smith Machine Same as MD-9010G Other than Color

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Over the years, we received a wide variety of questions about our smith machines. One of the most common questions is, what are the white Marcy smith machines? And, why doesn’t Marcypro.com have the white Marcy smith machines?

Most importantly, the white pieces of equipment are actually versions of the units we have in gray. In fact, the white versions are essentially the same as their gray counterparts. For example, the MD-5139 is a white and black version of the MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym. In addition, the SM-5276 is a white and black version of the SM-4008 Smith Machine Home Gym.

Why doesn’t Marcypro.com carry the white Marcy smith machines? The white versions of these pieces of home gym equipment are vendor exclusives.

As a result, if you’re really interested in these variations, go back to those vendors and pick one up while they have stock! Nevertheless, the white versions are still in-line items as of 2021, so they’ll be available for the foreseeable future.

Aside from the white variations, below you will find the answers to many other common smith home gym questions. If there is a question we missed, comment below and we’d love to help!

How much does a smith machine bar weigh?

Smith machine bars, also known as smith bars, are included with all the Marcy smith machine home gym systems. Though the smith bar looks like an Olympic bar, the smith bar weighs less than an Olympic bar and cannot be taken off of the smith track. The weight of a smith bar is different depending on the model.

The SM-4033 Home Gym has a unique weight for it’s smith bar. The SM-4033 home gym smith bar weighs about 36lbs while the rest of the Marcy Smith Machine Combo Gyms have a smith bar weighing about 16lbs.

While on the topic of weight bars, many of the home gyms mentioned above include Olympic Sleeves for the smith bars / weight posts on each unit. What is an Olympic sleeve? It is a piece That unit utilizes Olympic sleeves. The Olympic sleeves allow for standard 1″ diameter plates can be used or Olympic 2″ diameter hole plates to be used on a unit.

Not sure if the home gym exercise equipment you’re interested in uses Olympic Sleeves? Ask us at Marcypro.com – just ask the live chat agent for a quick response!

How to use a smith machine?

This question applies to any smith – not just the Marcy smith home gyms. To avoid any confusion, we’ll start off by answering – What is a smith machine?

Many believe the entire home gym combo Marcy sells to be a smith machine, but that is incorrect. A smith machine is a device that allows the user to safely strength train (squats, presses, and other exercises) without the need for a spotter. The smith portion of the unit has a fixed smith bar that can be racked by simply twisting the bar into the locked position.

So, when a home gym has smith in the title, the smith may be only a portion of the entire home gym (which is the case for the Marcy smith home gyms.) TLDR; the smith machine is the portion that allows you to squat, press, and more without a spotter.

How to squat on a smith machine?

Smith machine squats with the smith track is much more simple than it looks. After loading the desired weight on the smith bar, place yourself under the bar as you would for a normal squat. Roll the smith bar so it is no longer locked into the smith track mechanism and squat as you would without the smith track / smith bar. Once your set is complete, get back to a comfortable position where you can roll the smith bar back in to the locked position.

How to press on a smith machine?

Pressing on a smith is similar to pressing on a regular bench. Move your bench to a comfortable position and set it to flat, incline, or decline depending on your preference. Next, roll the smith bar so it is no longer locked in to the smith machine track and press like normal. Once you complete your press set / workout, move the bar to a comfortable height and lock it back into place by rolling it into the locked position.

For more smith workouts, check out this blog on 6 ways to get a good smith machine workout

Why is a smith machine bad for you?

Is a smith machine bad for you? No, but this answer is a bit controversial to some. It is argued that smiths ruin people’s form for squats and doesn’t allow the user to work out the maximum number of muscles. Nevertheless, Marcy Smith Machine Home Gyms include bar catches which allow you to do free weight presses / squats when you have a spotter available.

Click here to read a blog explaining why smith machines are not bad for you; that blog also touches on the features available for each Marcy model. All the models have weight benches, for example, but not all of them have pull-up bars. The link above also has an easy to navigate feature chart so you can choose your home gym based on your fitness goals.

Is the smith machine cheating?

A smith machine is not cheating because the exercise equipment does not aid the user in lifting the actual weight. The smith track only aids the user by making sure the user can escape their exercise if necessary.

These home gyms provide a wide range of total body workouts in various forms. You can do body weight exercises, free weight exercises, and Smith exercises with one piece of heavy duty workout equipment. Sell you power tower and purchase one of these home gyms to revolutionize your home workouts and hit every muscle group from the comfort of your garage gym.

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