Home Gym Ideas for 2023 – Buying Guide / Gift Guide

Apex APKB-5009 Adjustable Kettlebell

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 by MarcyPro

Tired of your old basement gym? Any time of year it perfect for starting your fitness journey, or leveling up your current fitness routine. Marcypro.com has a wide range of products; from dumbbells to massive home gyms, Marcy can make your home garage gym ideas a reality.

But, there might be too many high quality pieces of equipment available. Don’t be overwhelmed! This blog will help you narrow down your shopping search by pointing out some of our most popular items.

Exercise Equipment Around $300

Your home gym design isn’t suited for tall equipment(for example, building a basement home gym)? Or, have a limited budget? Not all home gyms need giant machines, especially if you’re just starting your fitness journey. The MD-879 Two-Piece Olympic Weight Bench is perfect for beginners and advanced users.

The beauty of the MD-879 Olympic weight bench is the bench is not attached to the bar catches. As a result, you can use the bar catches as a squat rack, while using the bench, well, as a bench. The bench features both a leg developer and a preacher curl pad. The MD-879 Olympic bench can provide a well rounded workout routine without the need for too much workout space.

Model using MD-879 Olympic Weight Bench Bar Catch as a squat rack

Don’t forget, the MD-879 Olympic Bench does not include a weight bar or weight plates, so you’ll have to add them separately (or use the ones you already own!)

If you’re in search of cardio fitness equipment instead, the Marcy Rowing Machine NS-40503RW delivers a full body cardio workout. In addition, the unit is very slim, making it easy to move and store when not in use.

Exercise Equipment around $800

You can buy awesome long lasting gifts for around $800 at Marcypro.com. For example, Marcy 150lb stack home gyms are perfect for any exercise room. The 150lb stack weight home gyms offer a wide variety of strength building exercises (lat pulls, bicep curls, seated rows, etc.) These units are perfect if space for a home gym is a bit limited for you. One weight stack home gym will make your home office feel like going to a membership gym without the hassle of getting there.

If you’re not in the market for a water rower, a stationary bike makes for a great intense workout. Specifically, the Marcy Revolution Cycle | JX-7038 is on of the best Indoor Cardio Cycles carried by Marcy. It’s 40lb flywheel provides a smooth and realistic feeling bike ride. The 40-pound flywheel stores rotational energy and provides resistance allowing for manual adjustment of resistance levels to simulate different terrains for customizable workout routines according to different skill levels.

The Best Exercise Equipment Marcy Offers

Have space for a huge home gym and don’t want to make holes in your walls? All Marcy home gym smith machines do not need to be wall mounted. As a result, you can place a Marcy home gym anywhere in your home (if the ceilings are tall enough.) The Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System – SM-7553 truly brings all the benefits of a membership gym to the convenience of your home. 

The SM-7553 is the most comprehensive smith machine / cage home gym available through MarcyPro. The SM-7553 brings the best elements of a power rack / cage, power tower, smith machine, and cross over cables in one.

Like all the other smiths machine home gyms Marcy carries, the unit has a smith machine bar, catches for a free weight Olympic bar, and storage for your bumper plates / iron weight plates. The unit also has a pull-up bar, foot plate for rowing, and a wide array of accessories

Unlike the other smith machine home gyms, some unique features of the SM-7553 home gym include a detachable leg developer for the bench, resistance band anchors, and a leg press attachment. The SM-7553 has so much to offer, we recommend checking out the product details page.

Not all great Marcy products come with a high price tag. Something as simple and innovative as the APKB-5009 Kettlebell can provide a thorough full body workout with a single Kettlebell alone.

Do the items above work for your fitness goals? If not, visit MarcyPro today to discover one of our many amazing pieces of fitness equipment.

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