The Best Home Gym – Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage – SM-7553

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Calling the Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Machine Cage Home Gym the best home gym on the market might sound a bit extreme. But, the SM-7553 is the most comprehensive smith machine home gym carried by Marcy. In fact, it is so comprehensive, we are writing this extensive blog just to explain all the features and accessories available for this unit.

The Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Machine Cage Home Gym SM-7553 brings together cable crossovers, a smith machine, and a power tower all-in-one. In addition, the SM-7553 includes both bar catches and safety catches and storage space for your rubber bumper plates / iron weight plates

The MarcyPro Deluxe Smith Machine Cage

The cable crossovers are adjustable at 43 different height points. The cable crossovers are suited for people of most heights because they can be adjusted.The cable crossover pulley cables each connect to their own Olympic weight plate guided trolley. The individual trolleys allow the user to more evenly build muscle on each side of their body.

In addition, users can work out using each side of the cable crossovers and not impact each other’s workouts. With the strength of the aircraft cables ensure your pulley system can hande your intense strength training workouts.

The smith machine portion of the SM-7553 smith machine enables the user to safely perform lift exercises without a spotter. The smith machine bar included with the unit is attached to the smith machine guide rods. To re-rack the bar or escape a lift, you simply need to twist the Olympic smith bar so the smith bar’s hooks can secure onto the smith machine. With a weight limit of 300lbs on the smith bar, the SM-7553 is ready for some very intense workouts!

Power tower features help set the SM-7553 apart from many smith machine home gyms. The home gym includes removable dip bars which can be adjusted at various heights. The multi-grip pull-up bar is perfect for chin-ups and pull-ups with various grips. Technically, the removable dip bars are an attachment included with this smith machine cage, and we’ll expand further on other attachments below.

Power rack features on this piece of home gym equipment include bar catches and safety catches. The catches allow for the use of free weight exercises, which help build specific stabilizing muscles. This heavy weight home gym smith machine offers a total of 300 lbs on both bar catches. Because the catches allow you to use the SM-7553 as a squat rack, you can use it with the bench to do upper body chest press workouts, lower body squat workouts, and much more.

The MarcyPro Deluxe Smith Machine Bench

The bench’s preacher curl pad allows for preacher curls to target and isolate your bicep muscles. If you get too tired and need a break, the preacher pad also has a weight bar rest for your curl bar.

Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System – SM-7553 - Infographic - Bench Adjustments

Once you’re done with the preacher curl pad, use the quick release knob to remove it and add the removable leg developer for your next workout. The leg developer allows the user to do both leg extensions and leg curls. Because the leg developer is detachable, when the leg developer is not on, there is a handle for moving the bench around. When using the handles and wheels together, you can easily move the bench around as needed.

The adjustable weight bench is adjustable at the seat pad and at the back pad for your comfort / workout preferences. The seat pad can be adjusted to 16, 8, and 0 degrees. The back pad utilizes a secure saw toothed adjustment design to make it fast and easy to adjust your back pad to -27, 0, 12, 27, 42, 59, and 76 degrees.

Finally, the SM-7553 bench is made with the same high quality steel tube framing as the rest of the unit. The preacher curl pad and seat are both made with thick padding to make your intense workout as comfortable as possible. The MarcyPro Deluxe Smith Machine bench is one of the most dynamic benches carried by Marcy.

The MarcyPro Deluxe Smith Machine Attachments and Accessories

With the most attachments available on a Marcy smith machine, you can truly do an unlimited number of exercises using the SM-7553. We mentioned the attachable leg developer, preacher curl pad, and dip bars above. Other attachments include a landmine attachment for landmine squats, landmine twists and many more exercises that can only be done with a landmine station. The adjustable footplate at the bottom of the unit allows for seated rows.

Finally, take your workout to the next level by utilizing the adjustable resistance band anchors. By attaching resistance bands to your weight bar during your workout, you can add resistance to your current workout. Since the resistance bands have dynamic resistance, you get a more efficient workout.

The SM-7553 Home Gym includes a wide number of accessories:

  • Adjustable handles – Adjustable handles are included for the pulleys to complete exercises such as cable crossovers.
  • Lat Bar – Easily do lat pull downs using the lat bar and upper pulleys
  • Short Bar – The short bar is perfect for completing seated rows with the lower pulley
  • Long Bar – The long bar can be used to complete lat pull downs and more
  • V-Handle – Use the V-handle for seated rows, lat pull downs, and much more.
  • V-Bar – The V-Bar is perfect for triceps push downs
  • Triceps Rope – Use the Triceps Rope for Face Bulls, Triceps push downs, and more.
  • Ankle Strap – Use the Ankle Strap with the pulley for Cable Inner thigh pulls, Cable Hip Abductions, and more
  • Leg Anchor – Use the leg anchor to secure your legs while doing sit-ups / crunches
  • Bar Pad – The included bar pad provides comfort and support during squats.
  • Leg Press – Once regulated to membership gyms only, the leg press attachment allows the user to utilize the smith bar for a leg press workout.

The MarcyPro Deluxe Smith Machine Storage

With all these accessories and features, the Marcy Pro Home Gym SM-7553 also includes some much needed storage space. The back of the unit has a weight plate holder that is adjustable to your needs. Also at the back of the unit, you can find two Olympic Barbell holders to store your bars vertically. Given all of the accessories, the SM-7553 provides 5 accessory storage hooks to store your triceps rope, V-Handle, etc.

Smith Machine Home Gym FAQ

  • How much does a smith machine bar weigh?
    • The weight of smith machine bars varies from Machine to Machine. Marcy Smith Bars weight between 15 and 36 lbs. In the case of the Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym SM-7553, the smith bar weighs 20lbs
  • Can I remove the smith bar from a smith machine?
    • No, even though the smith bar looks like an Olympic bar, the smith bar needs to be used along with the smith track. As a result, the smith bar cannot be removed from the smith machine
  • Is a smith machine worth it?
    • Yes, a smith machine is worth the cost! Bias aside, a Marcy smith machine home gym will bring workouts to your garage gym that previously needed a gym membership. You can save time and, over time, save money by investing in a home gym.
  • What is a smith machine best for?
    • A smith machine is best for safely working out without a spotter. Specifically, the most popular smith machine exercises are the smith machine squat and the smith machine bench press.

The Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym SM-7553 truly brings all of the best features of a membership gym to your garage gym / home gym through one piece of equipment. Though it is at the pricier end of home gyms, canceling your gym membership and bringing the SM-7553 home will save you much more money in the long run without sacrificing the variety of weight training workouts found at a membership gym.

Nevertheless, if you find you don’t want all the bells and whistles, there are a wide variety of marcy combo smith machines to suit your needs.

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