What Is Fasted Cardio? And, Fasted Cardio Benefits

You wake up in the morning, and your stomach grumbles. After eight hours without eating, you might be in the mood for a nice plate of eggs and bacon, or perhaps a tasty bowl of oatmeal topped with honey and fruit. Here’s another idea –instead of sitting down for a hearty breakfast, how about lacing [...]

Five Reasons a Recumbent Exercise Bike is your Perfect Bike

You want to torch calories, sculpt your lower body, and invest in an exercise machine that you’ll actually enjoy using. Have you considered a recumbent exercise bike? A recumbent bike is different from a traditional upright exercise bike in several important ways. The most notable difference between an upright and recumbent bike is the position [...]

The Best Power Tower Workout

A power tower provides an excellent workout. Power Tower Workouts hit many of the major muscle groups using your body weight. Body weight training movements are key to keeping up an active and healthy lifestyle throughout your life. Despite its simple design, a power tower is your ticket to a multi-movement workout that specializes in [...]

How to Master the Dip Machine

The dip machine; you’ve seen them at your local gym, and maybe you’ve even purchased a power tower for your home gym, but how can you ever learn to do dips? Dips are a highly challenging body weight movement, but you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or have five percent body fat to [...]

Five Tips for Staying Consistent with Your Fitness Plan

It’s time to finally get into shape, but if you’ve jumped on and fallen off the fitness bandwagon in the past (maybe more than a couple times), you already know that staying consistent with your fitness plan is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. You aren’t alone! Up to 67% percent of [...]

The Ultimate At-Home Back and Triceps Workout

When you consider how you want your body to look, it’s easy to focus on the front side that you see whenever you glance in the mirror. Who doesn’t want a flat tummy, toned biceps, and strong quads? However, don’t forget there’s a whole other side to you, literally. All too often, exercisers spend their [...]

Six Benefits of Weight Vest Training

Six Benefits of Weight Vest Training

  Can one simple piece of exercise equipment drastically improve your cardio stamina, muscular endurance, explosiveness, and even your bone density? Can it re-invigorate old workouts, cut down your time in the gym, and give you an edge against your sports competition? The answer is an emphatic yes! A weight vest, and weight vest training [...]

Trampoline Exercises: Taking Your Workout to New Heights

Having a small, trampoline at home may seem like a toy to some, but it can actually be your ticket to the perfect heart-pounding, fat-melting, and calorie-burning cardio workout. Trampolines have an amazing ability to improve your cardio health, as well as shape up problem areas, like your calves, thighs, and glutes. Their small size [...]