The Best Power Tower Workout

A power tower provides an excellent workout. Power Tower Workouts hit many of the major muscle groups using your body weight. Body weight training movements are key to keeping up an active and healthy lifestyle throughout your life. Despite its simple design, a power tower is your ticket to a multi-movement workout that specializes in [...]

How To Pick the Best Power Rack For Your Home Gym

Perhaps you’ve just started your weight training program and you’re looking for the most efficient way to build muscle mass fast. Or maybe you’re an experienced lifter who’s looking to raise their workout to the next level. No matter where you are on your weight lifting journey, adding a power rack to your home gym [...]

Home Gym 101: How to Choose the Best Weight Bench

Home Gym 101_ How to Choose the Best Weight Bench

Choosing the best weight bench for your home gym can be tricky. With so many similar looking benches, how do you know which is the best home weight bench for you? First thing to take into consideration is your space. Do you have a dedicated room, shed, or garage to house all of your equipment, [...]

Gearing Up For Your First Home Gym Workout

Gearing Up For Your First Home Gym Workout

Getting yourself to the gym can be a hassle. You can avoid driving to the gym and waiting in line for your turn on a machine or equipment and get in your full body workout right in the comfort of your own home. With the addition of some home gym equipment, a workout plan, and [...]

How to Create a Home Gym for 9-5ers

hot to create the perfect home gym

Many people daydream about building a home gym in their house but never do it because they anticipate that it is a hugely expensive and difficult project. But that is actually not necessarily true! The fitness industry has become huge in recent years, and there are so many different options, beyond the latest trend, infomercial-style [...]

What is the Best Home Cardio Machine?

What is the Best Home Cardio Machine?

Even though it is often the most hated part of a fitness routine, regular cardio exercise is extremely important to keep your heart and body healthy. The benefits of cardio are well known, and include: Decreases risk of a stroke Improves memory and cognition Helps to protect against Alzheimer’s disease Healthier skin Helps to control [...]

Must Have Home Gym Essentials

home gym essentials

While super fun, it can also be a little overwhelming to think about what to include when building a home gym. With so many available options, you may feel that you need (or want!) them all. Depending on your space and budget, you really don’t need more than a few essentials to build yourself a [...]

Olympic Barbell vs. Standard: What are the differences

Olympic Barbell vs. Standard (1)

When first getting started with a fitness routine, it’s common to have questions about the equipment and how to use it. A common issue that comes up is the difference between Olympic and standard weightlifting bars. Both bars are a type of barbell, which is a long, straight metal bar you can add weight to [...]