Best Core Exercises: 7 Tips to Maximize Your Roman Chair Results

In our previous post, 5 Reasons to Start Doing Roman Chair Hyperextension Exercises Today, we discussed five of the wonderful benefits of the Roman Chair hyperextension and how it is one of the best core exercises. When performed correctly, this powerful bodyweight movement can improve your posture, build abs, minimize back pain and strengthen your [...]

5 Reasons to Start Doing Roman Chair Hyperextension Exercises Today

The roman chair may seem like an intimidating piece of strength training equipment but once you master the Hyperextension it will become your new best friend. Here is a little background on the Roman Chair Hyperextension exercise and five reasons why you need to implement it into your home gym strength training routine today: The [...]

10 Workout Motivation Quotes for Better Fitness

Workout motivation quotes for better fitness Finish Line is Just the beginning of a whole new race

Too sore, too tired, too busy; these are just a few of the excuses you might come up with to convince yourself to skip or give up on a workout. Here are 10 workout motivation quotes to keep you on track with achieving your fitness goals.

9 Tips to Increase Your Workout Motivation

Increase your workout motivation MD-9010G Pec Fly

Sometimes the hardest part about getting in shape is finding the energy and inspiration to stay motivated with your exercise routine. Here are nine tips to increase your workout motivation so you can stay on track to achieving your fitness goals.

5 Kettlebell Mistakes to Avoid for a Better Workout

Kettlebell workout tips VKBS-50

Kettlebell workouts offer an efficient method for increasing power and strength while burning calories when used properly. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, kettlebell exercises can cause injury and hinder results. Here are five common kettlebell mistakes to avoid during your strength training session.

Strength Training Tips: 8 Reasons You Should Deadlift

Deadlift benefits strength training tips VB-100

The deadlift is one of the most powerful strength training exercises, period. It offers a wide variety of health and fitness benefits including weight loss, increased cardiovascular endurance, a muscular physique and more. Here are eight reasons you should start deadlifting today.

7 Ways Exercise & Better Fitness Will Make You Happy

Happy workout exercise better fitness

Exercise and better fitness levels are all you need to begin feeling less stressed, more confident, healthier and happier overall. Staying active not only keeps you slim and strong but it can also have a profound impact on your mood. Here are 7 ways exercise will make you happy.