Holiday Wishlist: What to Ask For When You’re Looking to Have a Complete Home Gym

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Happy Healthy Holidays

You’ve been a good boy or girl all year. You’ve done your HIIT workouts, ate your veggies and protein powders, drank your daily recommended intake of water and completed all your burpees. It’s time for a holiday gift to yourself. How about a complete home gym? Make next year the year to move your workout regimen in-house with Marcy’s line of strength training and cardio equipment. Finally, you can blast the music you want to hear, work out whenever and however you choose all in the comfort of your own home. There’s no better time to kick your fitness into high gear. It’s the holidays so treat yo-self!

Complete Home Gym Equipment

The first question you need to ask yourself when considering a home gym is what you plan to accomplish? Are you looking to incorporate a cardio machine with your weights, or are you looking to build strength and tone your muscles? The basic exercises you plan on doing may not even require that much equipment, so it’s important to take inventory of your needs before you jump into purchasing any of the equipment. That being said, there are some standard pieces of equipment that benefit most home gym workout enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll take a look at the equipment you should consider for your complete home gym.

  1. Power Rack


Marcy offers a wide selection of power racks from squat racks to full rigs. Marcy’s squat racks, like the Squat Rack, Base Trainer (STB-70105) have a smaller footprint, which is ideal for smaller environments like apartments or spare rooms. When paired with a weight bench, squat racks are a great choice for exercises such as bench presses and squats. Marcy’s Half Cage Rack (SM-8117) also has a smaller footprint but features a highly versatile design. Half Cage Racks are constructed from a steel-built frame and include features like a multi-grip pull-up bar, points to anchor straps and bands, and weight plate storage. When you opt for a weightlifting bench, you can target virtually every muscle in your body. If you’re ready to commit to the next level, try the Marcy Cage System (SM-3551) or Marcy Deluxe Cage System with Weight Lifting Bench (PM-5108). These powerhouse cages include most of the same features as a half-cage along with pulleys, pull-up bars, dipping stations, and kipping stations. If you’ve been a really good boy or girl reward yourself with a rig, the crème de la crème of power lifting. The Monster Power Rack by SteelBody incorporates all the features of the aforementioned cages and racks, including additional storage, and posts to attach auxiliary equipment.

  1. Barbells


Barbells are a popular and versatile type of equipment that are either straight or curved and come in either standard or Olympic. Barbells remain one of the top selling home gym equipment because you can accomplish so much with them. A sample of Marcy’s selection of barbells and barbell sets includes the Marcy Tricep-Bicep Solid Combo Bar (TBC-51). This functional barbell set includes curved bar and 2 spin locks and is specifically designed to isolate biceps, triceps, and forearms. The Steelbody 45lb Olympic Barbell (STB-75) is heavier than the a standard bar, and has a weight capacity of 1650lb. This barbell is suitable for heavy powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

Barbell exercises:

  • Lower body: deadlifts, squats, lunges
  • Upper body: barbell rows, military press, bench press
  1. Dumbbells


Marcy offers dumbbells in all shapes and sizes. From neoprene covered, adjustable dumbbell weight sets, cast iron hex dumbbells to rubber hex to dumbbell handles, Marcy’s wide selection of dumbbells and dumbbell accessories are the perfect gift to yourself this holiday season.

Dumbbell exercises:

  • Lower body: squats, lunges
  • Upper body: side lateral raises, shrugs
  1. Weight Plates

Don’t forget your weight plates! Adding weight plates to your new holiday home gym is a great way to push your training to the next level. Keep in mind that there are differences between the Olympic, standard and bumper weights. Be sure you tell which plates you need to complete your home gym.

  1. Fitness Flooring

Finally, you’ll want to protect your flooring from bumps and bruises with Marcy Classic Fitness Flooring (MAT-39). These 2’x2’ square inch tiles come in packs of6 and can be pieced together to fit your specific home gym floorplan. Durable, sound absorbing and constructed of high-density material, these tiles are ideal for guarding your flooring from dents, sweat, as well as keeping your neighbors happy while you blast the Rocky theme song to keep you motivated.


This holiday season don’t forget to also treat yourself. There’s no better way to reward yourself than with the gift of health and fitness. Marcy’s line of cardio and weight training equipment can turn any environment into an epic workout zone. From light weights to full rigs, Marcy has what you need to get yourself into the best shape of your life beyond those New Year’s resolutions.

Marcy has a wide selection of home gym equipment perfect for holiday giving. Affordably priced, and constructed from quality materials, Marcy’s selection of cardio, and weight training equipment are a great addition to any home gym. Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality, and reasonably priced equipment today!

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