Marcy Home Gym + Bruce Lee

Legendary Martial Artist, Bruce Lee and his Marcy Home Gym Bruce Lee was a legendary martial artist and renowned movie star.  He was born November 27, 1940.  Lee was well-known for his performance in the 1973 classic movie, Enter the Dragon. Lee’s martial arts training started with traditional Kung Fu. He gradually progressed further and [...]

What is a Dual Action Recumbent Bike?

A dual action recumbent bike is a recumbent bike with exercise arms. The exercise arms are similar to the arms found on dual action ellipticals. Some also call this style of stationary bike a recumbent cross trainer.

Post Workout Recovery Plan

Post Workout Recovery Plan - recovering from your workout is just as important as the workout itself - learn an efficient way to recoup at

Call it a Comeback

32 call it a comeback

Call it a Comeback - The journey into 2017 fitness goals has just begun find the road map at

Good Grief!

33 taking inner pain and turning it into something that works for you

Good Grief! Taking inner pain and turning it into something that works for you using exercise -

Killer Cardio Routines

39 killer cardio routines

Killer Cardio Routines - The Journey into 2017 Fitness Goals Has Just Begun - learn how to start it right at

Upper Body Blaster

72 upper body blaster

You’ve probably noticed that there are tons and tons of lower body workouts out there - learn an upper body workout at