The 3 Gym Essentials for your home gym

3 the 3 gym essentials for your home gym

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Marcy believes in the Power of Three.

A home gym filled with every fitness equipment is something you can be proud of, but it is definitely too much. You will not get to use all items, and you will outgrow them inevitably. There’s also the problem with space, budget, and time. The solution, get only three essential home gym items.

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Marcy believes in three fundamentals in a successful training — Cardio, Resistance, and Strength. Focus on these and get the equipment that specializes on those categories to achieve the body you want. Believe us; three items can do so much for you.




Cardio exercises are essential to   keeping your heart and lungs strong and to work well. You need a minimum of 15 minutes of workout at least thrice a week to maintain  cardiovascular and respiratory health. Walking to the office or school will not suffice; you need a specialized machine to get the workout your body needs.

Marcy Magnetic Upright Bike is the best choice for this. It is equipped with a user-friendly LCD monitor that allows you to track speed, time, distance, odometer, and the number of burned calories. The monitor also features a scan option to enable you to cycle through these five settings automatically. The magnetic resistance is adjustable as there are eight preset levels for you to choose from.

The magnetic upright bike is easy to assemble, sturdy, and durable. The seat is covered with vinyl and made with high-density foam for optimal comfort. It is also adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. The pedals are counter-weighted, so it remains upright all the time. Foot straps are adjustable to avoid slips. The Marcy Magnetic Upright Bike also stands the test of time as its heavy-duty steel tubing is powder coated to ensure durability.


Made for home usage, the Marcy Magnetic Upright Bike boasts a compact design for easy storage and has transport wheels for relocation. No need to worry about where to store the bike when guests arrive unexpectedly.



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Next is to work on strengthening the muscle groups. Resistance training is essential not only for muscle strength but also for bone health. Resistance workouts benefits bones of the back, arms, and legs, and helpful to the elderly to enable them to perform daily activities easily.

Lifting weights is the most popular resistance workout. However, you cannot bring dumbbells with you if you travel a lot. Hence, resistance bands are the best items to get for this exercise.
The Bionic Body Super Bands is designed by celebrity  trainer Kim Lyons. It has a flexible closed loop to increase the resistance of workouts without bringing injury to the joints. It is made of high-quality latex for consistent resistance and anti-snap material to prevent injuries. It is perfect for stretching, yoga, Pilates, and even push-ups.  

The Bionic Body Super Bands are available in various  sizes to accommodate various levels of users. So portable and travel-friendly are these elastic bands, they are a favorite gym item for resistance training.



Finally, tone the body with some intensified strength workouts. These exercises are good for overall body conditioning and improved body performance. This training is great for athletes as well as bodybuilders. For the home gym, the Smith Cage Machine is the best equipment to own.


Serious total body muscle strengthening is what the Smith Cage Machine is for. The Marcy Smith Cage System offers precisely that and more as it is an all-in-one home gym trainer. It allows you to get full upper and lower body workouts with all its amazing features.  This Smith Cage Machine has smooth gliding properties that make all workouts safe and easier.


The Marcy Smith Cage System‘s elevated frame design and heavy-duty tubular steel bars provide durability and safety. It has a powder-coated finish  so  it will still look new even after years of intense workouts. Get unlimited ways to achieve the perfect bodybuilding body with this convenient and efficient wonder gym machine.


The bottomline

These three gym essentials can do so much for you. All exercise equipment from Marcy are durable, professional grade, and easy to use. Quality and comfort are two of the core qualities of our products, along with convenience and ergonomic design. So when we say that you only need three items for your home gym, we guarantee that it is true.


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