Being Good To Your Body

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When most people think of health, they think of hitting the gym, working out, going for jogs, and other activities that involve physical exertion. And they would be right. But that’s only part of the equation.

There are other factors that contribute to one’s overall health and well-being. Although working out and eating right are fundamental to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can also improve your overall quality of life by practicing “being good to your body” habits.

These practical tips can vastly boost your energy levels, mental clarity, and overall sense of well-being, while also extending your lifespan.  And there’s nothing wrong with sticking around a little longer to enjoy what life has to offer, right?


Drink Tea

Cup of green tea with mint and lemon on a white background


Recent studies indicate that next to water, tea is probably the best beverage your body can ingest. Statistics indicate that a regular consumption of green tea can improve your mental cognition, and boost memory.

Green tea has also been credited with a whole host of other health-bolstering benefits, such as boosting immunity, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, preventing bad breath, and raising your metabolism (which in turn helps you to lose weight).  


Take Care of Your Skin

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? In that regard, taking care of your skin should be seen as taking care of any other part of your body. What that means is being picky about the products you use on a daily basis.

Avoid products that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Research indicates that these elements strip your hair and skin of moisture and other protective barriers that are necessary for optimal health. Not only that, but they may also become toxic when mixed with other harmful ingredients typically found in many skincare and hair products.


Include Protein in Your Breakfasts

three raw salmon fillets, lemon and rosemary on cutting board


Lots of people grab something fast (usually carb-based) on their way to work in the morning. But carbs can only keep you going for so long. Consider a more solid breakfast plan containing 30 to 35 grams of protein, which really help you sustain yourself throughout the day. A higher morning protein load staves off hunger, stabilizes your glucose levels, and greatly reduces your daily intake of food.

What does this all mean? You’ll feel much less inclined to snack on unhealthy foods, and have steadier energy levels throughout the day. Some good examples of proteins to include in your morning breakfasts are lean meats such as ham or turkey, eggs, Greek yogurt, and organic 2% fat milk.



While meditation may seem like a passing trend, it has actually been around for thousands of years. Although Om-ing is a matter of personal preference, taking a 10 to 20 minute focused break to unwind and center yourself is one of the greatest secrets to one’s longevity.

Meditation has been proven to allow for better and more restful sleep, greatly reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, improving immunity, and boosting cardiovascular function.

It will also greatly improve your mood because you’re disconnecting from all of the trivial and negative distractions in life.


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