Picking the Home Gym of Your Life

We all know that commercial gyms and fitness centers are great but there’s something about having a home gym can be more beneficial.  As we continue to lead busier lives, finding the time to get to the gym on a regular basis can be challenging.  It doesn’t help that there are more distractions now more [...]

10 Exercises You Can Do on a Marcy SB-315 Utility Workout Bench

Marcy SB-315 Utility Workout Bench Dumbbell Exercises in use by Model

The Marcy SB-315 Flat Utility Workout Bench may look simple on its own, but did you know that there are a wide variety of stretches, bodyweight and dumbbell exercises you can perform on this weight bench alone? Here are 10 exercises you can do on a Marcy SB-315 Flat Utility Workout Bench to burn calories, build muscle and increase your overall health.

Best Core Exercises: 4 Ab Moves for a Tighter Six Pack

Best core exercsises 6 ab exerciess STB-98501 Knee Raise

There are plenty of benefits that come along with a strong core, including carving out your own set of six-pack abs. The abdominal muscles, along with the rest of the core, are responsible for connecting your upper and lower body muscle groups together, allowing your body to function properly as a whole. For this and [...]