Strength Training Tips: 8 Reasons You Should Deadlift

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The deadlift is one of the most powerful strength training exercises, period. The benefits of this epic move go far beyond achieving the physique of a body builder. In fact, no other weight lifting exercise offers as many benefits as the deadlift can when executed properly. Here are eight reasons that will convince you to start deadlifting today:

  1. Build muscles

One of the major benefits of deadlifting that you may already be aware of is its’ ability to transform and bulk up muscles. This classic move uses nearly every single muscle in your body, resulting in an invigorating full body workout. Deadlifts will also prompt your body to release growth hormones that are essential for proper muscle development.

  1. Strengthen your entire body

If you are looking to build overall strength fast then the deadlift should be your new favorite move. Not only does this workout build strength in virtually every muscle in your body but it is also highly effective when it comes to increasing grip strength. Since your fingers are the only thing that come in contact with the bar when you deadlift, this move gives your forearms and other grip muscles an intense workout that they won’t get from many standard strength training exercises.

  1. Great cardiovascular workout

Unlike many popular strength training moves, the deadlift gives your heart and cardiorespiratory system a hard workout as well. Deadlifting will raise your VO2Max, which is responsible for the transportation and use of oxygen during exercise. This will leave you feeling out of breath after a proper deadlifting set and will drastically improve your performance when it comes to cardio workouts.

  1. Lose weight quicker

The energy and force exerted during an average deadlift forces your body to use more muscle fibers and ultimately burn more calories and fat than you would with any other strength training movement. Compound movements such as the deadlift or squat utilize multiple muscle groups and are thus fantastic fat-burning moves. Try combining deadlifts with other compound movements on a regular basis if your main goal is quick and effective weight loss.

  1. Improve your physique

Ever notice how buff people who are deadlifting at the gym usually look? Well, that could be you. If you are a male, the testosterone involved in this explosive movement naturally carves out the features of a body builder for you. Women may be concerned about becoming too bulky or muscular from deadlifting but the effect is different for females. Since women typically have less testosterone than men, the deadlift will simply give them a leaner physique and a whole lot of strength.

  1. Straighten out your posture

Deadlifting builds core strength, a key component to good posture. Since this move targets nearly every major muscle group, regular practice will allow you to stand taller and lengthen your back more throughout your entire day.

  1. Train safely

Believe it or not, the deadlift is actually one of the safest strength training moves out there. This is because there is no real risk of getting stuck underneath weight lifting equipment or injuring yourself due to loss of control. In fact, you don’t even need a spotter when you deadlift because if you get into any trouble during a rep all you need to do is drop the weight.

  1. Save time and money

If you are in a pinch and don’t have time for your normal strength training routine, the deadlift will allow you to maximize results in a small amount of time. Even better, this move requires no more equipment than a simple barbell and some weight plates, making it easy and affordable to practice in your own home gym. Visit for top quality, affordable barbells and weight plates and start building the physique you’ve always dreamed of today!

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