10 Resistance Band Exercises you need to know

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When it comes to strength training, the handy kettlebells, dumbbells, and free weights are the most popular equipment used. Big machines like the Smith Cage Machine and the Power Tower are perfect for this type of training too. This is true among gym goers, but not for those who just are constantly traveling or don’t have the budget to get an expensive exercise machine. People who are serious about working out will look for something to supplement their active lifestyle when going to the gym is not an option.


Thank goodness for the existence of resistance bands, people can now do strength training and intense full body exercises without using any machines. Resistance bands are elastic bands or tubes that can be used not only for workouts but also for physical therapy sessions for people with muscular injuries. Training with these bands allows for the rebuilding of muscle strength.


Besides being convenient, resistance bands allow anyone to do numerous exercises that focus on different muscle groups. This week, we’ll highlight 10 of these various workouts anyone can do at any place.


  1. Bicep Curls


Bicep curls are one of the most effective arm exercises. Stand with your feet apart, shoulder-width, and step on the middle of the band. Pull both handles toward your shoulders, bending at the elbow until you get a contraction in your biceps. Slowly release to starting position. Do this slowly for 10 to 15 curls.


  1. Triceps Kickback


Focus on the triceps next. Get into a forward lunge position with the right foot in front, stepping on the middle of the band. Hold the handles and place your arms at your side, palms facing in, and elbow tucked. Push your hands back until your arms become parallel to the floor. Pause and slowly go back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.


  1. Upright Rows


Upright Rows target the shoulders. Stand again with your feet apart, shoulder-width, and step on the middle of the band. Pull the handles straight up to shoulder-level. Your elbows should be bent in a V-shape as if rowing. Slowly do this for 12 repetitions.


  1. Seated Rows


For the upper back muscles, the Seated Row is a great workout. Take a seat, extend your legs, slightly bent. Place the middle of the band on your soles. Pull the band with both hands, the palms should be facing each other. Bend at the elbow then pull the band toward your core as you squeeze your shoulder blades. Release to starting position. Slowly do this for 12 repetitions.


  1. Bent-over Row


Another exercise for the back muscles, the Bent-Over Row is great for the lower back. Stand over the middle of the band, keeping the feet shoulder-width apart to give you just a bit of slack. Bend your knees slightly while keeping the hips back. Hold each handle with your hands facing your knees. Row up with the band as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then slowly lower down. Do 12 repetitions.


  1.  Push-Up


Take the band around your back and get into the plank position. Let the band sit on the small of your back and place your hands on the ground, body facedown. Keep your elbows in tight so the band won’t slip upwards. Once you’ve achieved the position, do 5 to 15 repetitions depending on your strength.


  1. Chest Press


Next, focus on your chest muscles. Anchor the band on a sturdy support like a doorknob, a tree, a column, or whatever is available. Bend your arms 90 degrees at the elbows. Make sure that your palms are facing down and your elbows up. Push the handles forward then press the chest muscles. Slowly go back to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions for this exercise.


  1. Front Squat


For the glutes, the Front Squat is a great exercise. Stand on the band with the feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. Grasp the handles with your elbows pointing downward and your palms facing each other. Hold them up to your shoulder. Keep a straight back as you squat. Press your knees out over your toes then slowly go back up. Do this for 10 repetitions


  1. Lateral Band Walk


The Lateral Band Walk is another great workout for the glutes. Step into a loop band position above the ankles. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart or far enough to create tension on the band. Slightly bend your knees and move into a half-squat position. Step sideways first with your right leg. Take 10 steps then head back again with 10 steps.


  1. Kneeling Crunch

Finally, for the core, the Kneeling Crunch is a good exercise. Attach the anchor to the top of a door somewhere sturdy and high. Get into a kneeling position and grab both handles of the band. Extend your elbows out at shoulder level. Crunch down to your hips while contracting your abs. Slowly go back up to your starting position. Do this exercise for 12 repetitions.

To do all these easy exercises, you need a high-quality resistance band that can withstand intense workouts even without going to the gym. The Bionic Body Kit is the perfect equipment you need to make all this possible. It’s a six-piece set which includes three resistance tubes, one door anchor, two single handles, and one ankle/arm strap. The tubes are heavy-duty anti-snap, double-coated  latex to ensure safety. The Bionic Body Kit is travel-friendly so you can bring it wherever you go.


Need we say more? Start getting serious about your workouts with resistance bands now!


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