6 Simple Ways That You Can Burn Fat

57 6 simple ways that you can burn fat

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Burning those calories is actually easier than most people think

While there have been all sorts of goofy and bizarre health, fitness, and dietary fads that have come and gone throughout the years, there is really no secret to improving physique and burning fat.

We’ve compiled some easy ways that are actually looked over or unknown to a lot of gym-goers, even athletes. There are no magical oils to rub on or shimmying belts to strap onto your waist, just some simple tips that are proven to make all that excess fat melt away.


#1 Become a Water-Holic

57 6 simple ways that you can burn fat become a water-holic

Even though this research comes from the home of Oktoberfest (Germany), studies show that drinking at least two cups of water each day can speed up your metabolic rate by a whopping 30%. This is mainly due to it causing a boost to your body’s norepinephrine levels.

So then next time you think of reaching for a cold one, reach for some water instead.


#2 Eat Your Fats

57 6 simple ways that you can burn fat eat your fats
Although this may seem counter-intuitive, good fats are…(surprise!) good for you. Good fats, especially those that contain omega – 3 fatty acids, not only prevent you from gaining fat, but can actually promote fat loss. Just be sure to limit your good fat intake to 30% of your total daily caloric intake.

What foods are we talking about here? Salmon, asparagus, olive oil (extra virgin), peanut butter, nuts, trout, tuna fish, and sardines are some good ones to start with.

#3 Lift Weights

Now you may think: “Hmmm…isn’t that pretty obvious?” We’re not talking about all weights here. We’re talking about free weights, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and the like.

Studies indicate that when you exercise with free weights, you engage your muscle group’s stabilizers to boot. The more muscle and connective tissue that is recruited to perform free weight exercises, the more calories you burn overall.


#4 Protein, Protein, Protein

57 6 simple ways that you can burn fat protein
It’s been well documented that protein helps to promote gains in one’s lean body mass. But what many people are just now discovering, protein is also needed in order to facilitate the proper repairs to your muscles, post-workout.

Engaging in resistance training tears down your muscle fibers, so feeding yourself some protein (within an hour of your workout) helps to begin the repair process, so that you can come back stronger than before.

Foods high in protein help you to stave off hunger for longer periods as well.

#5 Eat an Apple a Day

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is the old saying, but the new one should end with: “Keeps your fat levels down.”

That’s because one of the key ingredients in apples, polyphenol, not only increases one’s muscular strength and endurance, but actually helps to burn fat.

Polyphenols actively promote the genes that decrease fat, as well as allow you to train harder for longer periods of time.


#6 Go Organic

57 6 simple ways that you can burn fat organic

In a recent study conducted by U.K. scientists, cows which are free-range-fed are much healthier than ones pent up in factory farms.

Why? Well the milk that is derived from free-range cows (which munch on grass) is shown to contain 70% more omega – 3 fatty acids, and 500% more conjugated linoleic acids (CLA).

Meat from organic cows also contains more omega – 3 fatty acids and CLA than their grain-fed counterparts.

Better Results

In the end, everybody’s health and fitness journey all boils down to results. These tips will empower you to see some solid results as well as improve your overall lifestyle. Pass them on!

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