Why Building Muscle For Combat Sports Matters

why building muscle for combat sports matters

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Because of the rise of the UFC, combat sports are becoming part of the mainstream. More and more athletes want to enter the martial arts world. However, those aspiring to make their bodies fit for the combat sports arena still have some work to do.  

Among the focuses that combat athletes need to have is build muscle through exercise. To get the best workouts, athletes need the best home exercise equipment. Here are benefits of building muscle for the combat athlete:


Hitting Hard

why building muscle for combat sports matters hitting hard

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You want to be able to hit hard in combat sports and to do that you need strength and power. Muscles play a significant role in hard-hitting blows and being stronger than the opponent will favor you in all aspects of the fight. Coming out on top in grappling, wrestling, and striking all boils down to your muscle strength.


Delivering the Knockout

What’s the easiest way to winning any fight? A knockout that’s what. By building muscle strength, you increase your chances of being able to deliver the finishing blow. Most of the combat athletes, like Junior Dos Santos, who are known knockout specialists, have muscular frames.


Bracing for a Takedown

why building muscle for combat sports matters bracing for a takedown

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Having muscle means improved foundational strength which will make it harder for opponents to take you down to the mat and make it easier for you to take them down instead. Better lower body strength will also give you a lower center of gravity which can help you set where the fight takes place.


Reducing the Chance of Injury

Muscles can act like armor protecting your body from severe injuries. More muscle means more protection for vital organs like kidneys. Having more muscle won’t completely prevent injury but it does help you reduce the chances.


Having the Weight Advantage

Having a weight advantage coming into a fight is a big deal. Having bigger muscles means you can have that advantage come fight night.


Rules to Remember

why building muscle for combat sports matters rules to remember

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When combat athletes hit the gym to build muscle strength, there are few rules to remember:

  •         Avoid high volume when working out. You don’t want to feel overworked or banged up after a gym workout.
  •         Build muscle where you need it. This means working on the legs, glutes, upper back, shoulders, and core.
  •         Build up muscle gradually. Unless you’re pressed for time, you want your body to adjust naturally to adding extra pounds with muscle gain.
  •         Cut weight accordingly. If you’re planning to bulk up, you don’t want to add too much because you may not be able to make the weight. Make sure you still make the weight for your respective weight division.

With the benefits of strength training clear, it’s time you hit the gym to build that muscle! Check out MarcyPro.com for more information about the workouts you can do along with the equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals!

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