6 Fitness Foods You Need on Your Shopping List

60 6 fitness foods you need on your shopping list

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Fuel-up your body correctly

There is always a huge emphasis put on the actual activity of working out or the results of working out. We always see gym commercials showing people getting their workouts on and sweating it out in fitness centers. Or how about those ads featuring health and fitness gadgets, gizmos, or some sort of “magic formula” with buffed out and super-toned fitness model representing them.

But what about a person’s food intake? We’re not talking about supplements here—believe it or not some of the most mundane or seemingly “boring” foods that you probably pass up every time you make trips to the farmer’s market or food store, can be the most effective as far as whipping you into shape.

Here are six foods that complement the fitness lifestyle perfectly, and they’re all quite accessible and affordable to boot.


#1 Tri Tip Steak

60 6 fitness foods you need on your shopping list steak

While some folks think that they’re saving time with steak cuts such as skirt steak, tri tip steaks are surprisingly easy to cook in your kitchen when you’re on the go. Or, if you’re thinking ahead, we recommend that you ask your butcher to vacuum seal them for you, since they can last a couple of weeks in your fridge when packed in this manner.

It’s also best to cook them in batches so that you have two or three on hand, that way when you’re pressed for time or just need a convenient source of lean protein, they’re right on hand.

Remember, protein is the single best thing you can ingest into your body in terms of recovering from workouts, because it quickly goes to work repairing all of your body’s damaged or strained muscle fibers.

#2 Canned Sardines

60 6 fitness foods you need on your shopping list canned sardines

Anyone who works out seriously, including hardcore athletes, knows that canned fish complements the fitness lifestyle perfectly.

There are many kinds of canned fish—mackerel, tuna, salmon, but canned sardines edge out all the others when it comes to their protein vs. weight ratio. They simply punch more highly above their weight when it comes to not only protein content, but also omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 oils are essential to your health since they’re a “good fat” source that your body can’t produce naturally.

Canned sardines are also exceptionally functional since you can store them practically anywhere and all you have to do is pop them open and voilà, your meal is served.

#3 Quinoa

Although quinoa looks and cooks up a lot like rice, it is anything but that. Quinoa has quickly ascended to the top of the pyramid as far as power foods go. That’s because they contain total protein, which is normally only found in animal-based foods.

Technically speaking, quinoa is a seed, so it can be a little tricky to prepare when cooking. But done right, it can offer a roasted nutty flavor that can be used in a wide variety of dishes—everything from salads and soups, to meats and trail mixes. It’s also perfect for post workout repairs.

#4 Roasted Chicken

Roasting a whole chicken can be great because you can either save parts of it for meals throughout the week, or impress a group of friends with your healthy eating cooking habits.

Simply put, roasted chicken provides a solid source of not only muscle-building protein, but also vitamin B-12, and iron.

Roasted chicken is also the preferred variety of chicken since frying it adds lots of unhealthy fat, and pre-packaged/processed chicken can greatly boost your intake of blood pressure-raising sodium.

#5 Sweet Potatoes

If quinoa is one of the ultimate power foods, sweet potatoes are its super-food equivalent.

Not only are sweet potatoes easy to prepare and cook, but you can make large quantities of them, with which you can then use throughout your busy week.

When compared to regular potatoes, sweet potatoes pack more of a punch in a nutritional sense. They not only contain more vitamin C (as well as lots of healthy minerals), but they’re also on the healthier side of the glycemic index, which rates carbohydrate-containing foods on how much they affect blood sugar compared to glucose.


#6 Kale

60 6 fitness foods you need on your shopping list kale

Another super-food that punches highly above its weight, a single cup of kale contains 5 grams of fiber. It also contains more per-calorie iron than beef, which isn’t anything to snort at.

It also has a surprisingly long-lasting shelf life, and can be quite tasty when cooked correctly.

Fueling Yourself Up Right

60 6 fitness foods you need on your shopping list fueling yourself right

Treating your body to these fitness-perfect foods can really increase your level of health, as well as give you more energy for your workouts. They’re also relatively easy to prepare and can be used throughout any busy work week. So enjoy!

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